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Current Storylines

Contract Stories

July 30, 2019

A collection of stories about contracts, missions, bounties, and jobs that members of the Azure Flames complete.

The Four 'Aetherium' Shards

October 20, 2019

Foxa is after four 'aetherium' shards. They are really four shards of a soul crystal but Foxa thinks they are something special! Aetherium shard or not, they are something that appears to be of value! Thus, the Azure Flames set out to find all four of them! 

Death Of A Merchant

September 04, 2019

A merchant has been slain! By who and why? Are there darker forces involved with the plot? Find out for yourself!

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Finished Storylines

Scorched Sand

February 23, 2019

Joshua has had a rough past, and one of his former employers, Caellach Tigerseye, has finally come calling for him. Demanding that Joshua return to his service or face the penalty for desertion (that being death), the gambler has finally decided to tie up the loose end, with the aid of the Embers and, to his chagrin, his family.

A Bloody Rose For Naught

February 21, 2019

'A Bloody Rose for Naught' -Summary: When a sudden silence follows matters of business, impatience grew too quick to allow it to remain unresolved. In what was to be assumed nothing serious, turned into what appeared to be a gruesome murder scene. With the merchant in question fully missing and his residence an absolute blood bath, it truly barks the question of what in the nine hells happened. Kiwita Kiwi and the help of those from the Stalwart of Embers will seek out the mystery of what befell her fellow business partner, and whatever else that lies in wake for them.

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A Familial Trade

March 05, 2019

Private Zehlt Gaucheroix is a single reed in a land of grass, sticking out like a sore thumb to most. That won't stop him from committing himself to the ideals of justice. As proof, he seeks out his scandalous family and bring them to face trial for their numerous crimes. He'll seek out the trail of breadcrumbs, even if it's the last thing he'll do.

Candy Quest

April 25, 2019

An investigation into a disappearing candy merchant leads to moogles, monsters, a primal pinata, and a long absent friend.

Disma-l Dealings

March 16, 2019

Alisst'a Gulfor was only looking to conquer a fear, and get back into the groove. Alas, by the hand of one zombie magus dubbed Disma, he now has thirty days until something happens. Can Alisst'a be saved from this unknown fate? Only time will tell.

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