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Image by Olga Thelavart

This division serves as one for research, exploration, development, and practical application of all things aether. The division has two branches, one that specializes in spells and the other a more technical approach. The more magical branch of the division researches magical artifacts, looks for ways to improve the headquarters security, teaching newcomers to magic the proper methods of spellcraft.The Technical branch focuses more on the creation of aetheric devices for a variety of purposes and the study of combining aether with technology.


To join the division, speak with one of its branch leaders. Garen Everston is the leader of the Arcane Branch while Takinu and Elizbeth Jinxer are the leaders of the Tech Branch. This division is mostly for spell casters and engineers. If either of these fall into your line of roleplaying then this is the division for you.


Learn: The SA gather together and somebody teaches the division! Could be a new magic spell, could be an interesting subject, or could even be a fighting technique!

Field: We look for magic ruins and explore, or test our magic out on the field. Usually a pathfinder job, so we may call upon them for their expertise. But some knowledge needs be gained through personal experience!

Social: Sometimes we need a break from learning, so we just relax and chat on these days! Perhaps Entertainment can keep us company these days!

Decipher: The group presents a magic artifact and poke around to see what it does. Sometimes its a voidgate by accident so we may need Security or Voidlight on hand!

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