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Image by Olga Thelavart

So you like learning, huh? You want to get more knowledge crammed in that brain of yours, and with aether all around, what is an Azurite to do? Why, join Scholarium Azuria, of course! We're the magic division of Azure Flames, and we learn, disect, and discus all about Aether and magic artifacts in general. Have a magic based problem, you can come to us and we will do our best to help you understand it. Or seal it away if it's cursed. 

We're not just limited to magic users either! Aether is everywhere, and whether you know it or not, you use it every day! Fighters looking for that special edge? You too can come join and learn all about it, and perfect your Technique!

Scholarium Azuria, Where Knowledge... is power! Almost literally.


To join Scholarium Azuria, just talk with the leaders, Mina'le Keresky, in-game or on the discord or Navianya Jagerknight. If you are the knowledgeble type, or want to uncover magical mysteries, or even focus on aether itself and learn new things, you are welcome here! Please reach out! To retain membership, just show up and talk to Mina every once a month or so! 

The Rules of SA are simple:
1. Respect each other and the chosen field.
2. Encourage growth
3. Remain Lore Compliant. (If you know what to look for, you'd be amazed what you can get away with)
4. If Debates get heated and you must fight, do it on the mat, please. The wards will take most the sting off.


Learn: The SA gather together and somebody teaches the division! Could be a new magic spell, could be an interesting subject, or could even be a fighting technique!

Field: We look for magic ruins and explore, or test our magic out on the field. Usually a pathfinder job, so we may call upon them for their expertise. But some knowledge needs be gained through personal experience!

Social: Sometimes we need a break from learning, so we just relax and chat on these days! Perhaps Entertainment can keep us company these days!

Decipher: The group presents a magic artifact and poke around to see what it does. Sometimes its a voidgate by accident so we may need Security or Voidlight on hand!

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