Death Of A Merchant Storyline

September 5, 2019

Chapter One



A Lallafel by the name of Tuso came running to the Azure Café in a panic after his cargo was stolen by some Amalj’aa.  He offered to help supply the café with whatever it needed, for a reasonable price, if the Café’s people helped to recover his cargo.  Agreeing to the Deal Foxa sent a team led by Drais consisting of Alice, Altare, Mide, Mhinx, Rhawa, Faer and Firia. 

The team made their way to Zahar’ak where Tuso saw his cargo taken.  After managing to sneak their way in by firing some flares to distract the guards and putting them to sleep Firia and Faer stayed behind near the exit to keep an eye on it and keep the way clear.  Fighting a few small groups without managing to raise the alarm the group eventually found Tuso’s stolen cargo and a few additional Amalj’aa who were rummaging through it.  During the fight with this group Drais took a fireball to the arm from an Amalj’aa thaumaturge but commented on its weakness and retaliated with one of his one causing the Amalj’aa thaumaturge to burst into flames and fall dead.  Alice managed to sneak up behind one and stab it but took a sword slash and a direct hit from a bomb thrown by an archer so she fell back.  Altare got into a heated exchange with two different Amalj’aa exchanging attacks and counter attacks with them one ending in a throwing dagger hit to her and the other with a dead Amalj’aa archer.  Mide managed to skewer one the last of the Amalj’aa but it stubbornly refused to die and flailed around on his sword till Mhinx shot it with an arrow.

After the combat was over the group checked on Alice and while they were doing so Tuso and Rhawa decided to inspect the cargo.  To the surprise of the group the archer was still alive and got up taking out and lighting another bomb but before he could throw it he collapsed dropping the bomb blowing both him and the cargo up in a large explosion too big to be from the bomb alone.  Rhawa managed to get his shield up in time blocking the brunt of the blast but still coming away with singed armor.  Tuso started screaming about being ruined and that it was his last chance to turn his fortune around.  After the explosions alarms could be heard and the group decided it was time to make a quick retreat they helping Alice they ran for it with Rhawa carrying a shocked Tuso on his shoulder.  They met up with Firia and Faer who were holding off a group and together made their way out and away.

Returning to the café Alice was forced to the infirmary by Drais despite her protest where he broke into Aeredi’s potion shelf to get one for Alice and she bandaged herself up.  Meanwhile a still shocked Tuso was left on one of the beds where he just rocked back and forth saying “I am ruined my last chance to turn everything around gone.”


Chapter Two

Bear Necessities

n shelf to get one for Alice and she bandaged herself up.  Meanwhile a still shoTuso explains to the company that his business of late was not doing well and that he was transporting a shipment of fire crystals and explosive powder to the mines in a last ditch effort to turn his fortune around. However, with the destruction of the cargo he fears his days as a merchant are over (and has no way to pay the group for their work). He does have an idea though to try and get some further funding by killing a large bear in Urth’s Font and selling its pelt. The group travels to Quarrymill where an excited Tuso runs off in search of the bear. The party easily finds it (As it is chasing Tuso when they catch up to him) with little difficulty the bear is quickly defeated. Excited Tuso runs back to Quarrymill to try and find a buyer while the party stays to skin the bear and gather some of the meat. As they returned to Quarrymill Tuso is being chased out by an angry mob which the party then runs from and returns to the estate.Once back at the estate Tuso explains that the bear was considered sacred but the local residents which angered many members of the party one of whom hit him on the head to knock him out. This elicited some excited applause from one of the on lookers at the gate. A male Miqo’te and Elezen stood at the gate the Miqo’te clapping excitedly while the Elezen stood watching passively. The Miqo’te commended the silencing of the crying Tuso and introduced himself as D’ghemi and his Elezen partner as Alfax. He continues saying how they were there in regards to Tuso’s debt but seeing as he is indisposed at the time chose to leave to return at a later time.


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