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Coming April 24th, 5:00 PM (PST)

Goblet, Ward 5, Plot 13, Mateus

Our annual Masquerade Ball returns for the third year in a row, this time as a group effort. 

Made possible by the following groups...

All of the event information can be found below...

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The Masquerade Ball is an annual event hosted by the Azure Flames, with this being the third year it is hosted.

Bards will be barding away on stage for two and a half hours, while attendees can dance away. 

There are other activities besides just dancing though. The Costume Contest makes a return, as does the Trivia Trials competition. 

There will also be (Tarot) Card Reading, as well as dining for those who are hungry and or thirsty. 

The event will also be photographed by three amazing photographers! Anyone who enters the Costume Competition will receive a photograph, with the other two photographers roaming the estate to capture memories.

The event begins at 5:00 PM (PST) on April 24th and will last for a few hours. 

The location is Goblet, Ward 5 Plot 13, Mateus.

A few of the activities will be held in a Private Chamber room, to help reduce chat flood for them. To find out when and where a specific activity is taking place, please check out their information section. 

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The Costume Contest makes its return once again!

The Costume Contest will be held at...

There are several categories for the contest. Winning one of the categories will grant you the prize within the category. You will also be rewarded 1 Masquerade Point per category won. The person with the most Masquerade Points will win the Grand Costume Prize!

Here are the categories for this year...

Waiting for the Costume Contest staff to finalize their plans!

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The Masquerade Ball wouldn't be a ball without dancing! We have chosen a group of bards to play their tunes throughout the night!

There will be enough music for two and a half (2.5) hours of dancing! They will be located on the stage downstairs, and will take turns playing. 

Mika Starsinger

Fynlay Liafina

Vit'orio Tyanu

Katrina Marie

Shiro Astral

Clayde Lock

Seraphina Cantatrix

Elulu Nya

Z'ylarix Colfire

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The Trivia Trials competition makes its second return to the Masquerade!

This activity will be the only OOC competition during the event, the others will all be done ICly. 

Having a trivia game be held IC means that the player might know the answer, but the character might not. Which makes it difficult to properly play.

Trivia Trials is a quick little competition that tests the player's lore knowledge! Due to the nature of the activity, MSQ spoilers may be present. 

Questions will be themed around the lore of Eorzea and its people, they will not be themed around cutscenes or quests. 

Answering a question correctly will reward you with a Trivia Point. The top 3 finishers at the end will win a prize respectively. 

1st Place - TBA

2nd Place - TBA

3rd Place - TBA

The activity will be held within Private Chamber Room #??

Lupin Teramoix is the activity host.

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Card Reading will be offered throughout the night, up until the last thirty minutes of the Masquerade.

Zigovali Rigovali

Proclaimed by many as the "King of Cards", Zigovali is a master cartomancer, and gladly lends his talent and insight to the art of divination. Reading from the Major Arcana, and drawing upon his vast knowledge of the Twelve and the elements, Zigovali can discern the deepest secrets within the hearts of spoken, and even glimpse the potential of one's own fate! If you yet doubt the art of card-reading, take a seat at Zigovali's table, and be amazed as he opens your eyes to the truth!

Sunati Duval

Nothing here yet

Zigovali will be doing Card Reading in Private Chamber Room #74

Sunati will be doing Card Reading in Private Chamber Room #??

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The Masquerade features hosts from four different Free Companies.

We have designed a special menu featuring the popular items from each specifically for the Masquerade! 

To view the menu, please click the button below...

(Coming Soon)

The Bar and Kitchen will both be open during the event. There will be seating at the bar for guests that only want a drink.

Booth and Loft seating will both be available as well, for those that wish to enjoy a meal. We will have waitstaff ready to take any orders. (Limited Seating Capacity)

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Click HERE to join the Masquerade Ball Discord

The Discord will be used primarily so people can grab photos that our three photographers take during the event! There is an information section that says when each activity is taking place as well. 

There is a single open chat channel where questions can be asked if any arise.

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Nothing to see here yet...

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