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Contracts provide an opportunity for members to DM for the first time or for veterans to have some fun with a simple event. A contract leader will choose an available contract (found below) and will gather a team to complete the contract. Different contracts will require different size groups. The DM is free to host the event as they wish but they must work around the details of the contract.

To choose a contract, DM Foxa in Discord with the contract you wish to lead. You will then be given further information.

Once a contract has been chosen, it will be removed from the contract board and a new one will take it's place soon enough.


Group Size - The maximum amount of people that can join this contract's team.
Last Seen - The location that the contract will take place in.
Crimes / Warnings - Provide an idea for what to expect during the contract.

Use the side arrows to view more contracts. 

Contracts use the Azure System for combat. (Click the underlined name to see more information on the system)
Contract Leaders will be taught how to use the system if they are new to it. 

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