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Image by Paweł Czerwiński

First, you should make sure that you meet the requirements for joining. The requirements are the following:

- You and your character must both be 18+.

- Your character adheres to FFXIV Lore. Minor lorebends are generally acceptable but lore breaks are not. Feel free to discuss this with an Officer.

- Please familiarize yourself with the rules which are found HERE.


Next up is the recruitment process! To join the Azure Flames one can either (a) simply come on as an OOC member or (b) undergo an IC interview which will allow your character to start as a full member of the free company. OOC members may take an IC interview at anytime to become a fully recognized member.

We suggest finding out estate at The Goblet, Ward 5, Plot 13. From there, you can open up our Free Company profile and submit an application to join. The application itself will serve as a method of contact, allowing us to whisper you to set up either an interview or to straight up invite you in OOCly. Look at the images below to see what we mean.

If you join the Free Company as an OOC member then you will be expected to undergo an IC interview after a few days. Although one is not required, you will be unable to partake in Storylines until you do.


We understand that not everybody is ready to commit to a Free Company. We encourage members to go where they are most happy. This is why we also encourage potential recruits to attend some of our events found on our calendar (Click HERE to view our calendar) before they decide to join. The category section on our calendar will explain which of our events are open to guests. Feel free to drop by for one of them and meet people for yourself. (Though It is suggested that you contact an Officer as some events will not have their location listed on the Calendar, as they are announced in Discord. An Officer can inform you where it will be taking place if this is the case for an event you are interested in.)

Though if you wish to join without attending an event beforehand, that is alright. 


We have a lot of officers. Due to this, we suggest using the method shown above (in "The Process" section) to contact us for potential membership. However, for those that wish to speak directly with someone.... Here is our list of Officers:

Foxa Sulti (FC Lead)

Emryn Fisher (Officer)

Kaien Yuzuka (Officer)
Mari Valor (Officer)

Kiran Lionheart (Officer)

Lil Stabby (Officer)

Mina'le Keresky (Officer)

Members can also assist and provide information if you happen to see somebody from the Free Company running about. 


The Free Company estate is always open for random walk-ins and RP. We often have people around socializing during the evenings, often as unscripted and unplanned roleplay. Guests are always welcomed to join in if they wish. Even if you have no interest in joining the Free Company, we will always welcome a potential friend. The same applies for our events, as mentioned briefly above.

So long as you can adhere to our rules, you will be welcomed within the Azure Estate.

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