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’The world's a stage - all the men and women merely players’
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The Entertainment Division is going to be focused on two things. The first and the one that everyone will know is that we will be taking part of all social events making sure that they run smoothly and end with the Azure Flames shining bright. We will have dancers, musicians, storytellers, actors and everything in between. But... not only that. We will also ensure that bartenders, waiters and greeters have the assistance and coverage as necessary to ensure the events go smooth without issue. The second... and truthfully its real goal is that we will be able to create a ring of information, informants and dirt on people that may wish to do harm to the Company. Given that we are in the spotlight, and on stage with confidence. We learn and see things before others. Our innate ability to be kind and listen allows us to learn secrets others keep close in order for the betterment of the Azure. Our ears, horns, eyes and mouths will be the shadows that ensure this Estate shall never fall.

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Membership Information:

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Being able to perform is a huge plus, given that we are performers first and foremost. You need to be able to stand out or up in a crowd. If you are good at talking, using your head, and having confidence when you shouldn't be found... then we can find a place for you within our ranks. We're looking for bards, singers, dancers, storytellers, actors, information brokers, spies, thieves and everything in between.

You will be the first many see, and being able to be flexible in situations that may change rapidly is required as well. From both the entertainment, and the information gathering side of things. 

Expected to be around for Azure Nights. Reach out if you can't. 

Message Kaien Yuzuka or Ashtra Darkbloom in game or in discord for more details. 

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