’The world's a stage - all the men and women merely players’
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The Entertainment Division will be focused on mostly keeping things light, making sure the parties, public events and even their own events run smoothly and end on a high key. Another major aspect for the purpose of this creation is the organization of musicians, dancers, storytellers and the like to find a spot in the company, find work or even get a chance to perform at events. We would hope to bring song, dance and cheers to many of the other events and with the creation of this division we can easily handle who goes where at what time. It would also help with recruitment if people knew we had a division specifically for entertainers and with some of the new people being dancers, storytellers and a few bards already on hand, it would be extremely beneficial to have a head that they can rest their shoulders on.

Specifically for the Azure Flames, it would help to have a place for people who may not be combat related, or medical or tech, for them to find a place and build up from there. The Entertainment Division would also hopefully run events that are more focused on relaxation and social aspects, which include but are not limited to, trips to other music/arts related things, eventually running constant open-mic or theatre showings, and even training sessions for dancing or the like.

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Objects bQueen.png

Obviously the most important thing would be being able to perform, whether it be music, or dancing, or storytelling or even acting. Entertainment is well, entertaining so you’d have to be able to perform in front of a crowd.

To join this you’d have to perform your role in front of a leader, and show aptitude in your field, as well as a desire to be the forefront of the Azure Flames when it comes to events involving us. The guests will see us on stage and if we fail, it is bad for the Flames public image. Keep that in mind while wanting to join.

We expect you to at least be active during performance nights, preferably more but it is understandable that you cannot always be around. Do not miss a night you are set to perform though please.

Join by messaging Kihra in-game or in Discord.