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Roleplaying Guide



What is RP?

RP, or RolePlaying, is the act of creating characters and stories with others. An important aspect of this is growth! Whether you start as a momma's-boy farmer and enlist in some form of military to become a knight, or begin as a knight that has lost his/her Lord or Lady, make room for growth! Whatever your story is, keep this all in mind.


Chapters of a Book

Think of your character's life as a series of chapters. What was their childhood like? Was there a traumatic event that has affected them in a critical manner? What caused them to choose the path that they're on? Consider these things often, and allow them to come about but never force someone to learn about it. Make an interest spark.


Be a Person, not an Object

Encourage people to RolePlay with you, but always be interactive. It's not just YOUR storyline at work, but other people's as well. While you may want your own story to reach a step in a chapter, make sure that you are letting other people's shine. Be True to your Character. Does the storyline of your character TRULY fit with doing something in particular? Does your character care more about fighting a monster, or saving a damsel-in-distress BEFORE fighting the monster? Is your character the type to make a sacrifice to save others, or would they not care? Does your character like the spotlight from their foes as a defender, or do they delight in surprising their enemies with a lethal stab or shot from the shadows?


Understand the Result of Actions

Every In-Character action may result in something, whether it be positive or negative. Know that everything done by your character will have some sort of result. Does someone hold resentment towards someone that stole a large sum of money from them; was peace ever made between the two? Does someone forgive someone else for stabbing them, whether figuratively or literally?


Beware Isolationism

The worst thing you can ever do as a roleplayer is condone isolationism. Don't close your doors, but instead open them. Make new friends and adventures, make an ever-expanding storyline with your characters, and always strive to make a community.


Roleplaying Terms

God Mode

Being unhittable, over powered, overly strong, and being like a god. Every person has weaknesses and strengths, be sure to include these with your character.


Power Playing

This isn't a hockey term! Power Playing is taking control of another character without permission. X pickpockets Y, stealing ten coins What if Y has no pockets nor coins? You can't assume things.



Using OOC knowledge ICly. Such as walking up to a stranger and calling them by their name. Keep IC knowledge separate from OOC.


IC Zones

When in a place that people RP at, please remain in-character. If you wish to be out-of-character, head somewhere where people are not RPing. Remember that this is also one of the Free Company's rules.





Where Is My RP???

If you seek roleplay, then create it. Often people will ask "Does anyone wish to roleplay?" or "I wonder if someone will walk up to me!" Roleplay is ALL around and is always present. People gather at bars, inns, and other locations out in the world. Do not be shy, walk up and have some fun. If you see a guild having an event, whisper someone and ask if they are open to walk ups. Some may allow you to interact and even join their event while others will say no. Put in the effort for roleplay, and you will find tons and tons of it. Be shy and afraid and you will find very little.


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