"Ne Vadas in Bonam Noctis Lenem"




The Medical Division of the Azure Flames and Cafe Company is sworn to uphold the purest of medical ethics. In furtherance of this, no member may deny medical treatment to company members who ask for it, or any patron, guest, visitor, or any such persons on or even near company grounds. Treatment should be delivered promptly, and dispassionately, and should represent the apex of the practitioner's skill. Physicians will follow standard medical practices and ethics, and will provide care in excess of what is necessary, providing preventative, palliative and even hospice care to their patients.

Any patient has the right to deny treatment. The physician/healer will document this, up to getting a signed statement, and then discharge that person from care. However, once treatment or care is denied once, the staff of The Sulti-Winterborne Emergency Medical Care Center reserve the right to deny treatment to that person ever again, upon the discretion of the healer/physician in question.

Black magic, Void energy or entities, demonic creatures and non-sentient, armed Magitek devices are not allowed inside the medical wing under any circumstances.



Please contact the Head Physician, Dr. Aeredi WInterborne, or Foxa Sulti. You will need certificates of graduation from a medical school, or demonstrate accurate and efficient use of Conjury (or other appropriate Aetherflow types) in an emergency medical situation, or have a patron or voucher to attest to competancy. Any/All of these can be gotten from an interview with Doctor Winterborne.




(( OOC Rules: Medical/Healing RP can be done however the patient/doctor wish. Please remember medical RP is not like combat, it's not an opposed contest. It can be as simple and rudimentary as casting Cure I on someone, or a much deeper immersion into real and/or fantasy medical/magical practices. In furtherance of this, there are a few hard rules for RP in this division. ))

(( 1. NO POWERHEALING. Everyone has heard of Powergaming, Powerhealing is similar. If the patient wants to RP an injury for a few days (or however long.), then if the physician should decide to hit them with a Benediction and say "You're all healed! Now quit bothering me." you're OUT. Medical RP is cooperative. If your patient doesn;t like how you're doing it, then it's YOUR JOB to adjust to the other player's wishes. Both players should be in agreement, even if the person playing the patient simply wants the doc to run the show. Coordinate, compromise, and relax and enjoy the scene. ))

(( 2. Not everyone knows medical science, some people know some, some know none. But anyone can play a doctor online. And so, once a player has started an RP with a patient, everyone else's OOC opinions on the matter are not required, nor appreciated. Comments along the lines of "That's not what a thyroid does!@ Duh?" are not welcome for players in this Division. ))