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"Improving lives, one patient at a time... The last enemy that shall be destroyed, is Death."

Image by Augustine Wong


The Medical Division of the Azure Flames Company is here to provide medical and healing roleplay and assist other divisions in their more dangerous assignment, by allowing members to partake in dangerous IC events and still allow them to RP in a casual setting the next day, should they so choose. Medical division is unlike any of the other Divisions, we're here to assist the other Divisions, and the other members, in advancing their IC events and plotlines. We also engage in other kinds of RP as well, like medical training, teaching healing, first aid, Wellness check ups, and even emergency/trauma room RP.



Anyone who wants to be involved is welcome. There are many roles in a hospital, from physicians and surgeons, healers, nurses, caretakers, therapists, all the way to Coroner. To apply, any current member can provide assistance, and an interveiw can be used if it is wanted, but the Division is open to anyone wanted to play Healthcare RP. IC interviews are available as well.


Division Leader:

Aeredi Winterborne

Division Offices & Roles:

Chief Medical Officer: The leader of the Division, generally the primary doctor/healer in the Division, but this is not a requirement. This member is responsible for the smooth running of the Division, gives out special assignments, sets and schedules events, and oversees the general day-to-day running of the Division.


First Doctor: Assists the Chief Medical Officer in the daily running of the Division, responsible for the same things the Chief Officer. Makes up the second of the executive officers of the Division.


Head Nurse: The third of the three primary executive officers, the Head Nurse's job is to manage the details of running the division. From stocking, patient welfare, patient relations, pharmacy and supplies and logistics.


Healer/Physician: Able to provide primary healthcare, through medicine or healing. Also available to teach during classes, as well as interviewing company members wanting to enter into the Division.


Nurse: The general workers of the division. Do the most work, get the least credit. These are the members to define a patient's experience in their care, either for the good or not.


Specialists: Ever wanted to do autopsy? How about a Chirgeon? Pharmacist? Alchemist? There is room for anyone wanting to get in on the fun.


Division Rules:

We encourage people engaged in medical RP to keep in mind we are a consentual RP group. People in the division involved in medical RP on the estate are encouraged to find out /BEFORE/ the scene starts going where the patient wants to go with the RP, what they expect, and what they want the conclusion of the scene to be. We in the division are there to facilitate their RP, and assist in advancing the plots our other members want to engage in. Whatever our members want, we try to provide. If the people involved don't have a scene planned, or ask us to provide a plotline forwards, we expect member of the Division to do their best to provide this service.

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