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We are the beating of the azure heart, we are the pulse of life at conflict’s end.  Though it be not possible to save everyone, we must never fail to try.

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The Azure Medical Staff are the healers and caretakers who provide the company support in the field and at the hearth. They are the brave souls who risk it all to see that every member returns home and who respond to the call when needed most. Medical staff can be called upon for many things: aiding the other divisions during or after a risky job, easing the mind of a company member, providing alchemical medicines, and most of all, being the force which keeps Azure’s heart beating! On top of being support for the various divisions and company members, they can provide themselves as mentors in training to those seeking this noble path. Be it basic first aid, advanced medicine, or even aetherial healing. Staff linkpearls are always on and their door always open, be it day or night, they will answer the call to aid!



First and foremost, one must have completed their in-character interview for the Azure Flames and express interest in being part of the medical staff. Second, they must then reach out to one of our current medical staff members to be added to the medical staff roster. A short introduction is not out of the question as we with the medical staff would like to take the time to get to know new medical staff.


OOC Rules of Healing

Please communicate with a player OOC before any medical engagement. Everyone treats injuries and other medical needs differently in roleplay. A little communication will help both characters and players understand the final outcome of a treatment. Lastly, be mindful of the lore behind healing. If you have any questions in regards to a method of treatment then please reach out to someone.


Chief Medic:  Division Lead.  Coordinates activities, maintains on-call roster and stands as the person to report to about any serious injuries.  Currently this is Emryn Fisher

Medical Liaison:  Anyone willing and able to coordinate between Medical and another division to ensure we are aware of their actions and available to handle the aftermath can fill this position.

Healer/Chirurgeon:  Any medic who participates in active healing, whether attached to other divisions’ events or in house.  This healing can be aetheric or mundane in nature, respectively.

Listener:  One who engages in talk therapy with other company members.  May or may not also engage in other medical practices.

Provider:  Any member of the Medical Division who focuses on the procurement of materials for use in healing, through alchemy, botany, or trading.  Medics who do active healing can also provide materials, and will be compensated appropriately.  On its own this is not an essential position; it exists to allow non-medics to participate in the division.


Event Aftercare:  This is not so much a standing event as a catch-all for when Medical is needed following an Event in which there were casualties.  Other Divisions should generally give us advanced warning for when this is likely.

Open Clinic: At any time a medical staff member can open the medical ward to accept anyone who is needing to see a member of the medical staff. Don’t be afraid to announce this in free company chat or over the linkpearl should you wish to do this.

Counseling / Therapy:  Not all injuries require a bandage or potion. Sometimes the problem rests in the mind. If a member of the staff can provide a means to ease this through counseling and therapy then they should do so.

Mentoring: Medical staff members might be called upon to provide training for those in the company who wish to learn the art of healing or medicine.


Talk to Emryn Fisher

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