We are the beating of the azure heart, we are the pulse of life at conflict’s end.  Though it be not possible to save everyone, we must never fail to try.

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Unique among its fellow divisions, the Medical Division is almost entirely built reactively around the storylines of others.  Members of medical may be called upon to respond to anything from random injuries to mass casualties, depending on how other events go.  Medics need not be solely aetheric healers– a member may attend events expected to involve conflict with intent to minimize the damage via potion or spell, or to stay behind and tend to injuries afterward with aether or bandages, or even to act solely as a provider of necessary medical materials.  Regardless of the flavor of one’s contribution, a fervent desire to safeguard or aid in the recovery of others is the core of what makes one fit for the Medical Division.



First, every member of the Medical Division save Providers must take the Cerulean Oath, which reads as follows–
I am an Azure Medic and it is my duty to heal.  I will never turn away a patient in distress, nor fail to render aid to a person in need unless they are an active threat to my fellows or this star.  I will never force healing on anyone who doesn’t wish it unless it is to save their life.  In every situation I will use my best judgment and try to follow the healing path.

All members of the Medical Division are expected to attend at least one Weekly Check-up per month unless special circumstances arise, in which case a simple written report of healing cases taken on within that month can suffice as a substitute.  There are no hard and fast rules for attendance of events beyond that, though availability to act as on-call medics from time to time is certainly appreciated.  Those who choose to attend combat events as liaisons will be rewarded with hazard pay.


OOC Rules of Healing

The presiding rule of healing is never without permission.  Talk to your patients both IC and OOC to get an idea of how they want to direct their own character’s healing.  Do they want an instant poof back to perfect health?  Fine, use that benediction.  Do they want to have to stay indoors for a month for recovery?  Work with them to make that happen.  How badass your character can be at healing should always take a back seat to the needs of the patient and the desires of their player.  Also, mind the comfort levels of the other player while describing medical actions.  Some procedures can be incredibly invasive if described realistically; take care that such things will not be uncomfortable for those involved.


Chief Medic:  Division Lead.  Coordinates activities, maintains on-call roster and stands as the person to report to about any serious injuries.  Currently this is Yasashi Nami.

Medical Liaison:  Anyone willing and able to coordinate between Medical and another division to ensure we are aware of their actions and available to handle the aftermath can fill this position.

Healer/Chirurgeon:  Any medic who participates in active healing, whether attached to other divisions’ events or in house.  This healing can be aetheric or mundane in nature, respectively.

Listener:  One who engages in talk therapy with other company members.  May or may not also engage in other medical practices.

Provider:  Any member of the Medical Division who focuses on the procurement of materials for use in healing, through alchemy, botany, or trading.  Medics who do active healing can also provide materials, and will be compensated appropriately.  On its own this is not an essential position; it exists to allow non-medics to participate in the division.


Event Aftercare:  This is not so much a standing event as a catch-all for when Medical is needed following an Event in which there were casualties.  Other Divisions should generally give us advanced warning for when this is likely.

Weekly Check-up:  A time for the Medical Division to come together, share reports and provide each other with emotional support as healing can be a stressful field.  Company members in need of non-emergent medical attention are also welcome to come for aid.  Medics are only required to attend one of these per month, with more being optional.

Excitement Therapy:  Once every other week, we will run treasure maps!  This event is open to everyone.


Contact Yasashi Nami or Yuki Kahkol for an interview!