Signups close on 12/15/19, 12:00 AM

You will have several options when signing up for the Gift Exchange, this is to try to ensure that everyone gets a gift of equal value. 

Gift Type

There are two type of gifts, though both of them have additional options.

The first one is a FFXIV gift and the second is a game gift (through Steam). 

Final Fantasy XIV Gifts

By default, the Final Fantasy XIV gift must not cost more than 1,000,000 Gil. This is to ensure someone does not go all out on a gift only to receive what they might consider a sub-par gift in return.

However, there is an option for those who are feeling generous to go above and beyond the limit. Though they should expect to not receive something of similar value in return, as not everyone has a ton of Gil to burn. 

Mogstation Items

If you wish to gift another player a Mogstation item that is fine. Though please be aware that you may not receive a Mogstation item in return as not everyone is willing to spend real life currency.

Steam Games

You can also sign up for a Steam Game Gift Exchange. This works with the gift feature when purchasing a game, or the usage of codes. However, there is also a price limit to prevent someone from buying a 60$ game and receiving a 5$ one in return.

The price limit for Steam games are 5$ - 20$. Though those who are feeling generous are allowed to go beyond, but they should not expect a similarly priced game. 

Gift Purchasing / Gift Giving

Once signups end those who signed up will be messaged the gift details.

Based upon what the person prefers (which you will fill out below) you will have six days to get a gift ready. 

The person you are buying the gift for will also remain anonymous, to ensure there is no favourtism. 

Show up to the event (if you can make it) and be ready to give your gift! We will take turns giving our gifts during the event.

For those who can not make it to the event, you can simply exchange gifts afterwards through Discord.

Signing Up

Below you will find the form to fill out. You can only submit it once, so make sure you fill it out carefully. Once signups end they will not be reopening. 


1. Keep your gift details anonymous.

2. Keep your target's gift details anonymous.

3. Follow all the rules mentioned in the information section.

4. Meme gifts are not allowed.

Failure to follow the rules mentioned above will result in an exchange ban and possible further punishment. If you have any questions contact an officer. 

Exchange Form


Do not submit multiple forms. Once you sign up once, do not do it again. If you made a mistake let Foxa know and your previous submission can be deleted.