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Signups close on 12/20, 12:00 AM
Exchange event is on 12/22, 5:00 PM PDT

There are two options when signing up on the form. An in-game gift and or a steam gift! You can chose both if you'd like.

Gift Type

As mentioned above, there are two types of gifts. 

The first of which is an in-game gift, the other option is a Steam game. More information below.

Final Fantasy XIV Gifts

In-Game gifts are for gifting in-game, obviously. This can be tricky due to being limited to in-game items. If someone requests glitter, you can gift them confetti and say it is glitter ICly. A balance should be struck where the character gets an IC gift they enjoy, and the player gets a some-what useful gift, or at least a fun one.

We suggest that you limit your gift value to be less than 1,000,000 [one million] gil in value. You can, of course, go beyond that but do not expect a gift of equal value in return, as not everyone has large amounts of gil to spend. 

If you wish to gift another player a Mogstation item that is fine. Though please be aware that you may not receive a Mogstation item in return as not everyone is willing to spend real life currency.

There is an option in the form that you can select if you are willing to go over the suggested value. If you select this, you will be paired with another person that has also selected the option. As there is no spending cap for this option, the gift you are given in return may not match the value of what you give. Please keep that in mind if you select the option.

Steam Games

For those that want to gift a steam game and receive one in return. If you select this option on the form, then please be sure to fill out the questions relating to Steam Games. You will need to provide your steam account name, or a link to your steam profile page. 

You will not be given the gift target's steam name until the day of the exchange, to maintain the element of surprise. 

Furthermore, we ask that you limit yourself to 5.00$ to 20.00$ for total game price. 

Like before, you have an option to tick a box if you wish to spend more. Just keep in mind that you may not receive a similar value in return. 

There are additional rules for this category which can be found in the rules section further down.

Gift Purchasing / Gift Giving / Gift Exchanging

Normally, exchange information would only be provided once signups have ended. However, signups are being extended later than usual due to Endwalker's launch, as it will bring in new-players that may want to signup still.

Those who sign up will be DMed information about their gift target on a weekly basis, until everyone is paired up. However, some people might not be paired right away depending on what is selected in the form. If an odd-number of people sign up for a steam game gift, then that final person will be waiting until another person signs up. 

Surprise is part of the fun with this event. You will not be given the target's name, only information relevant for the gift will be provided. We ask that you do not share the information you are given as the target might find out about it, and realize you are their gift partner.

If you are having difficulty finding a gift, you are encouraged to DM Foxa (kacey_) for more information. 

The exchange will take place on 12/22, at 5:00 PM PDT.

The exchange will take place at the Azure Estate located in the Goblet, Ward 5, Plot 13, Mateus, in the basement.


If you are unable to make it to the exchange event, then please contact Foxa. You will be given your partner's name and information so that you can exchange the gift when both parties are free.

Signing Up

Below you will find the form to fill out. You can only submit it once, so make sure you fill it out carefully. Once signups end they will not be reopening. 

Once you are paired up, you will be DMed by a helper with information about your target. (More information above)


General Rules

1. Keep your gift details anonymous.

2. Keep your target's gift details anonymous.

3. No meme gifts, unless they are given alongside an actual gift.

In-Game Gift Rules

1. If you are gifting glamour, please check to make sure it can be worn by the target's race / gender.

2. Do not exchange gil as a gift.

3. Do not exchange RP, services, etc as a gift.

4. Art can be exchanged though know that you are unlikely to receive art in return.

Steam Gift Rules

1. Do not gift someone 'meme' 0.99 cent games as a joke. You can include these within the gift only if they are accompanied by an actual gift.

2. Do not send someone adult rated games (porn / hentai) unless it is mentioned, specifically, as something they want. (Games that are marked as 'Adult Only' on steam)

3. Have a backup plan incase the target already owns the game. 

4. Do not purchase the game until you friend the person, on Steam, to gift it. When purchasing you can select 'Purchase as a gift' and send it to them. 

Final Information

This event is meant to be fun. The satisfaction of giving and the thrill of receiving interwoven with the element of surprise. In order to achieve this, the event is a combination of OOC and IC. You can include an entirely separate IC gift if you wish. For example, if you gift someone a fancy hat as an OOC gift, you can give it a unique description IC to make that gift all the more special and meaningful. 

We will try to ensure everyone is matched to someone that can provide an equal gift in terms of value. However, if the target is unable to procure a gift for whatever reason, then let Foxa know and you will be given a gift from her to make up for it. 

If you have any questions feel free to DM Foxa or your FC leader (If you aren't from Azure)

Also note that multiple FCs will invited to sign up.

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