Contract Stories

July 25, 2019

Contract #001

Field Report 'Blue Death at Bluefog'

Lead: Rasmus Cayne


Concerning Contract BT-0023, accepted by the Azure Flames and dispatched to the Broken Tower division:


A party of operatives gathered to address a reported threat of kobold hostility in northern Thanalan, including Marco Sombra and S'Aroris Tia, with myself as group lead.

We set forth, finding the evening still warm after the sweltering heat of the day. Dusty plumes of soot swirled in the open expanse as we gathered intelligence at the Ceruleum Processing Plant. Immortal Flames on location reported witnessing a peculiar discharge of energy to the northeast of the encampment at dusk of that day, seemingly originating at known den for beastfolk activity known as 'Dalamud's Talons'.
We made way to the marked location, but found ought but the shattered remains of some recent destruction. Charred debris lay diffused over what must have recently been a small kobold outpost. The remains of three kobolds could be found, apparently expired from the carnage of explosion, though the immediate souce of the blast could not be discerned.

Among the rubble Marco and Aroris were able to extricate a satchel of kobold design that had remained somewhat undamaged, from which a crude tome was recovered. Though the language was beyond our scope to discern, we did find within a bulletin of Garlean design. This too was difficult to translate, but a singular word seemed to repeat itself several times ...'SEN'THOS'.


Cryptic as though this seemed, with such a clue I devised a rather dubious scheme. Using the gathered energy within my aethertransformer, I supplanted one of the more intact MagiTek vessels within Raubaun's Push, coaxing a terminal back to a tenuous life.

Unfortunately, as the terminal came online it streamed forth a loud series of alarms; apparently the MagiTek armaments were long overdue for scheduled maintenance. This clamor drew the attention of a passing Garlean foot patrol. Marco and Aroris jumped to action, heroically holding off the threat and affording me precious time to search the terminal for any clue forward.

My companions soon dispatched the immediate threat as my efforts bore fruit; this enigmatic SEN'THOS was being distributed to local Alliance agitators from Bay 183-C within the depot yards of Castrum Centri. In light of this information and the apparent signs of Garlean reinforcements closing on our position, we fell back to the Azure Cafe to better assess a plan forward.

In conclusion, I would assess the threat of this 'SEN'THOS' to be inconclusive, warranting further investigation. At your leave I would dispatch a field team to observe the defenses of Castrum Centri, that I may lead a foray to probe for additional information.


- Rasmus Cayne



Contract #002

Field Report 'The Keruh Mission'

Leads: Keruh'sae Tia


The group consisting of Rhys, Renna, Roro, Link, Myself and Alisha, headed to the destination, but what was in their way seemed to be a giant pile of corpse flesh made from people. The pile of flesh spoke and scared the group, eventually how they got rid of it was with fire. It screamed bloody murder before melting and clearing the path to which we would be stopped by a necromancer. The necromancer would summon undead to fight us with to which Rhys and Renna had to disperse to tend to their wounds (Had to go to bed) and we would be left with Myself, Link, Roro and Alisha. We'd go toe to toe with the Necromancer as he got impatient and used his undead leftover against us like a flesh grenade, nearly toppling the group, but we were victorious. The artifact that came with it seems to be a Dwarven Mythril Battle Axe (That gives an extra swing on one turn). Everyone came home injured and covered in zombie goo, but after some rest, they should be fine.


- Keruh'Sae Tia


Contract #003

Field Report 'Disturbance In The Shroud'

Leads: Rhysy Hunty


Concerning contract XXXX, accepted by the Azure Flames and dispatched to the Broken Tower division.


A small dispatch was sent to the Shroud to deal with reports of enraged Treants robbing locals. Tori'del Roro, Venase, and myself went in to assess the threat and exterminate if possible.

With Tori'del's familiarity of the Shroud we came to the conclusion our first area of investigation would be the Quarrymill. Upon arrival it was clear the locals were apprehensive, the normally bustling village a mere shadow of its usual self. The air was humid as the sun lay low, faint rays of light attempting to penetrate through the canopy of the forest. I instructed Tori'del and Venase to stay behind as I would scout forward, informing them via linkshell should a lead be discovered. I made haste with my chocobo through the labyrinth of forest that encompassed me, before reaching a narrow path decorated with stone ruin. The light from the sun was all but a memory from this point forward as the air grew cold and damp. My chocobo was in refusal to proceed forward, hence my decision to head back to town and inform the others.

Though doing so I could not. Within mere moments I was thrown off to the ground, my companion dashing away into the abyssal night. Towering over was a Treant of proportions uncharacteristic to what research describes, and behind it what seemed to be three humanoid figures backed up against a ruined wall. I was taken aback by the powerful flow of aether radiating from the decaying bark, just before feeling the immense pain from one of its hook like branches digging deep into my thigh. Without second thought I clutched my rapier and swung, slicing through the frail arm and freeing myself from its grasp. I know not how I ran so swiftly with that splinter still at my side, until I came upon a small ravine at which I would find cover. I informed Tori'del and Venase of my approximate location and what threat lay ahead, before feeling the lids of my eyes weigh heavy as darkness overtook me.

The following accounts are from Tori'del Roro. The linkshell message was scrambled and hard to decipher, but the two swiftly took off in search with the little information they had recieved. Upon reaching the ruins of what are now believed to be the lost city of Amdapor, sounds of screams and shrieking were unmistakably clear. Arriving upon a small clearing, they witnessed two hulking Treants surrounding a group of young elezens pinned against the stone. Scattered around the grassy earth were Gil pieces, weapons, and bags of unidentifiable belongings. Wasting little time, Tori'del attempted to cast a protective spell over Venase, only to have it fizzle out into the void. With large, lumbering steps the closest Treant to them swung around, its branches missing the two by mere ilms. Venase quickly loaded her firearm and shot at the Treant, blowing a hole through the withering wood covering its trunk. A voice that cannot be described in such a report as this bellowed throughout the shroud, shaking the surrounding vegetation at its roots. Noticing the attack from Venase, the Treant farthest from them and closest to the captives used its many elongated branches to grab the elezens and whatever items spread across the field it could before scaling up the stone wall and dissapearing into the shadows. Tori'del once more attempted to cast a spell upon Venase to no avail.

Lost in his frustration the Treant threw him to the ground before turning back towards Venase. Another shot flew from her weapon only to be knocked out of the way by the creatures swinging limb. Though the Treants slow tread was unmatched to the Vieras quick speed. She fired again, striking the Treant with a devestating blow to the leg causing it to collapse onto the ground. With its remaining strength, it retreated into the darkness, Venase chasing after it into the depth of night. Soon after I arrived to the scene. I must have awoken from the sounds of battle and limped my way towards the sound only to find Tori'del, alone. He gave me a detailed report of the exchange while we made journey back to headquarters. I regret to inform our mission ended in failure, but we are not done with this matter. Upon the hopeful healing of my wound and better preparation with more hands, we intend to continue pursuing this case till its conclusion.

Team Status:

Rhys Hunt- severely wounded

Tori'del Roro- minor injuries

Venase- MIA


- Rhys Hunt


Contract #004

Field Report 'Operation Rhawo'

Leads: Roreaux Liautroix

 " Reports of unusual activity has been mentioned along Northern Thanalan. These activities include: aggressive bombling attacks, chimera's moving closer than usual to outposts, and cloaked individuals being spotted, as well as weapons/armor having gone missing. Investigate these 'cloaked' men and either bring them back dead, or alive. The reward is several thousands of gil." A simple task, given to the members of The Azure flame, Though it wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Rhawa Gardiner, team leader, as a squad of 5, Alice Tsukagami, Appolleon Xiprutho, Ayla Xiprutho , and Drais Vatharin Were tasked with this. They left by airship later in the evening, Ready for combat with these men, Though they landed in the Northern Thanalan territories during, only to find their path was a cold, unvenventful one, With a bit of Scouting through archives earlier, Rhawa pinpointed one interesting spot in the area, an abandoned mine, And upon further investigation, it was shown to be a very Smart move, filled and used for Heretical misdeeds, most swarmed with bombards and red robed men, it was most likely these whom were the culprit. As they approached, Alice tried to apply stealth, though it was detected by the roaming bombards, whom started charging the group, a fight broke out between two lancer, a few bombards and the squadron, While the fight started, a bigger man sealed the gate for the mine so they’d not be able to enter, and the fight took a long while, back and forth, they fought, bombards detonating after being injured by the Combined efforts of the team, Alice slicing off bits of the bombards, Appolleon blasting them with round after round of Firearm rounds, Alya’s Cards flying to slice open the lancers arms and legs, Drais frying One until he was a smouldering husk, and the last one being ended by a stab by Alice. But Drais and Ayla felt something was very off, something was coming. The seal broke, and they entered the mine, this town was empty, it was eerily quiet and as they made their way further, they met something they never expected, A portal to the Aether portal, dark and twisted, sacrifices lined up, a lithe woman commanding death to open, chanting as her guards shielded her, the fight lasted a lot less, as the squad now knew the tactics of the madmen, Drais let no chance for them to fight, sending Flames and ice to crash into one of the massive Hyur guarding her, showing their corrupted forms, wrong, twisted, as they fought, the Massive pair would attack the adventurers, one aiming for Alya, missed by decisive footwork only to slam cards into him from the side, giving rhawa enough time to stab and split him through, mist pouring forth from their forms into the Aether tear. Alice, Stabbing into the last Hyur, breaking the shield around the woman lead to her immediate immolate by Drais, sending a fireball to quell the corruption, thankfully before she could draw her own blood to finish the ritual, the portal closing, the Incursion ended, and all was left were the dead, and Robes of Red.

- Roreaux Liautroix


Contract #005

Field Report 'Operation Cutting The Empire'

Leads: Sarantuya Dotharl

The Flames tasked with assisting the Alliance with routing out the garleans that have taken refuge in Proud creek. Upon arriving to the scene and getting into a few battles, they successfully freed the prisoners and with the assistance with the alliance drove back the garleans. With the Dust settled and the battle over the alliance looks into what brought them there in the first place only to find they uncovered allagan ruins, and in the center of it lay a pod seal shit and unmoving a single console sitting in front of it glowing ominously. Tyrn and Alice made a Distraction in the front of the garlean base, while everyone else split off to flank around the back where we got ambushed by a garlean patrol, upon defeating them and recovering three intact garlean uniforms. We devised a plan to dress up as the garleans so Alice, Chakra and Arthur escort Tyrn into the prisoner camp. With some smooth words and good rolls they got past the guards onto the be confronted by a legate who started to question them. While the questioning went on Tyrn got rough housed for talking smack and used being throw to the grounds as and opportunity to slide Alice and Aether cartridge. Using the Cartridge alice blew up a Cerleum tank housed in the middle of the camp killing most of the guards. With the confusion of the explosion the legate and remaining guards were swiftly handled before everyone freed the prisoners who then with the help of the alliance and remaining flames helped overthrow the garleans

- Sarantuya Dotharl


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