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When all that surrounds you is darkness, even the most diminutive of flames can shine as a bright as a star.

Image by Olga Thelavart

When it comes to matters of an anomalous nature - the supernatural, the cryptic, and of course the perilous - the Voidlight Hunters are ready to lend their expertise. Just as their name suggests, each member stands as a bright beacon, piercing through the murky haze of oppressive darkness as well as serving as guides to those needing aid in understanding and protecting themselves from such threats. Our members work closely with various organizations across Hydaelyn in an effort to locate and contain threats to the general populace, and ensure precautions are taken to prevent such events from occurring once more. However, there is much more to our work than outright confrontation, as many of the dangers we face can't be bested by a sword, nor can even the thickest of armours prevent the more abstract forms of damage that can be done to a person. Investigation, research, equipment development, tracking... these aspects are just as integral to our operations, for proper preparation is sometimes all that stands between our brave hunters and a fate most chilling.


The members of the Voidlight Hunters boast a multitude of different skillsets, from stalwart combatants to committed researchers, and everything in between. One uniting factor is shared between us all, however; Courage. For every sun, we risk ourselves in pursuing foes both deadly and alien in nature. If we are to be the guiding lights for others to follow against such horrors, we must all have the resolve to stand against such foes, and to trust in our comrades to do the same.

Should you wish to join our ranks, please get in touch with Eizen Devareux to see how your talents may be best put to use.


Hunts: The staple duty of the Voidlight Hunters, Hunts can take a number of different forms. Some as simple as clearing out an influx of minor monsters, while others may require multiple delicate stages to be completed, such as locating and preparing to infiltrate a cult intent on summoning a high ranking voidsent. Many can also take the form of a more esoteric investigation, things like rumours of a 'haunted' building, or finding the cause of multiple disappearances within a city. These events will often see both skilled combatants and our more scholarly members working side-by-side.

Studies: Another crucial role of our Hunters pertains to making sure the members of the Azure Flames are kept informed and ready to face the various dangers voidsent can present, as well as other similarly unnatural beings. Those wishing to learn more about various types of monsters and the ways to best combat them should come along to our lectures... but for those seeking a more hands-on experience, we also offer practical demonstrations and tutoring in various techniques used to better defend against the influences of malicious beings.

Meetings: As our numbers grow, it will be important for us to come together in order to share our findings with one another, as well as ensure everyone is kept up to date on various matters related to our work or the company as a whole. Everyone will be given the chance to speak on matters they're invested in and for their opinions to be voiced. Tea and snacks will be provided to all who attend, and those outside of the division are equally welcome to come along should they be curious.

Cross-Division Duties: As our division requires members with a wide variety of different talents, we will no doubt find ourselves both assisting other divisions with their fields of work, as well as being aided in turn with our own. In the end, we all work under the banner of the Azure Flames, and promoting unity between our divisions only sees us all grow stronger together.

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