"Fuck The Void" - Drais


Voidlight Investigations is an agency whose purpose is the research and if need be of containment of aether and void related incidents. Through the research of abnormal aether and the incidents often surrounding them it is our goal to be able to react and counter them in an increasingly effective manner. In this same regard the constant threat of the void and its inhabitants possess a danger that many are not prepared to face or are capable of handling. Through our research of both these it is our hopes to be able to one day prevent them before they can occur. To this end we are a team of aether and void researchers as well as hunters who take jobs to counter these threats.


We are looking for those with knowledge of aether and the void to help our research. In addition we also need those capable and confident in their ability to battle voidsent. For those who seek to join Contact Furi, Drais or Altare.