Storyline - The 'Aetherium' Shards

October 21, 2019

 Chapter One



Foxa found a diary that talks about four shards which form...a bigger shard! Foxa calls these shards the "thing" and she needs four of these "things" to make a "bigger thing". Foxa found the diary off of a dead guy, so it must be real!

"Rumors are...there is a shard! Four parts, all scattered throughout the lands! If you put them together, it will show the way to a special place of past! ... Which means...SUPER COOL TREASURE! Or, a fancy shard that doesn't really do anything but would look super nice and we can like...PUT IT ON DISPLAY or something!" - Foxa Sulti

The group set off for Northern Thanalan and search for this "thing". They eventually come across a group of Goblins, which speak highly of this "amulette." In exchange for information, the group must eat one of these Amulettes. Luckily, Arthur volunteers himself...


"The goblin turned around and sheathed his weapon. He grabbed a plate and held it out to Arthur. ... It is 'something'. It appeared to be a Chocobo egg cracked open, though instead of looking like an egg it was covered in black from rot and bits of it were green, perhaps with mold or fungus? Mixed into this were several metal shards. "Amulette, must eatsie!"" - Combat Report


After eating and somehow not dying on the spot...they discuss trade deals.

"Arthur eats the ... amulette... He feelt sick INSTANTLY. The entire time the ... thing ... was in his mouth... his gut was SCREAMING for him to spit it out. But...He didn't. He ate it, and those metal shards that were in the meal scratched and cut at his throat, causing a good amount of blood. Once the meal hits his could hear how upset it'd make him "Goodsies, we can do tradsies now! What is...", the Goblin leader said. " thingsies?" - Combat Report

The Goblins state they have this /thing/ that the group is after, though to have it they must consume a second Amulette.

So...Arthur eats another...

"The Goblin turned around and fetched another plate! Similar to the first, this one was a rotten Chocobo egg. Black, green, and all the colours that food should never be. With the smell to go with it, yuck! Bits of metal were in this one as well, they looked like glass. Various blue specs and dots were also be seen in the contents of the...thing on the plate. You could /SWEAR/ you saw that thing move as it was presented to Arthur." - Combat Report


He ate didn't go as well.

Arthur ate it and fell to the ground. Though he didn't remain lying for long, he jumped up and started to attack the other Azure Flame's in a frenzy. He was drugged! At the same time, the other Goblins drew their weapons and started to attack the group!


After slaying the goblins and curing Arthur, which Typriss was able to do, the group looted!

Roreaux got face hugged by a slime, Hilda found amulettes, and Quinn found the shard!



With one shard found...three more remain! 


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