01 - Cinder

Cinder is the starting rank within the Azure Flames. Upon passing the interview you will be promoted to this rank.

02 - Flame

To reach the rank of Flame a Cinder must actively attend events and get involved with the Free Company. This can be done in a variety of ways:

- Attending events

- Socializing at the Cafe

- Assisting a division

- And more!

03 - Azure Flame

Azure Flames are the start of the veteran's group within the Azure Flames. In order to obtain this rank, a member has to actively take part in roleplay or assist the company in some manner. This can include:

- Creating a division

- Recruiting 

- Hosting events

- And more!

04 - Azure Blade

Azure Blades are the highest rank a member can achieve without becoming an officer. Azure Blades are veterans of the Free Company that put in extra work to keep everything running smoothly! 

Members who are promoted to this rank are trusted and could potentially move up into the officer ranks at some point in time.

Officer Ranks

05 - Blazing Flame

Blazing Flames are members who have been recently promoted into the Officer team. They are trial Officers that will either move up into the next rank or move back down a rank. This a temporary rank that a member won't have for more than a month or two. 

In order to qualify as an officer one must meet the following requirements:

- Been in the Free Company for over a month

- Actively attend events or take part in casual roleplay. Your character has to be known.

- Provide some level of use... Hosting events, recruitment, storyline planning, etc

- Must be capable of handling situations calmly and without panic. 

If you meet these requirements you can talk to Foxa about having an interest in joining the team. 

Tempered Flames make up the main Officer core. They are members who have met all of the above requirements and have proved to be helpful and capable of the job during their time as a Blazing Flame. 

06 - Tempered Flame

07 - Infernal Flame

Infernal Flames are the Head Officers within the company. There can only be three Infernal Flames at a time, once three are selected no one else can obtain this rank until one of the three is demoted or steps down.

They assist with ensuring the Free Company is running smoothly and without error. 

If a member has an issue with an Officer, it is to be brought to an Infernal Flame.

The ruler of the Free Company. All who lie below this rank are peasants, sent to work into the fields! None can rise above this, for none is as powerful as the mighty Foxa! All shall cower before her wrathful roars and bloody bites!

08 - Azure Lady

Member Ranks