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We Pathfinders find our purpose clear: To put an end to the treacherous beasts, the vile wrongdoers, and the perilous ventures that plague our realms

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Image by Augustine Wong

A Pathfinder's Purpose:


At the heart of the Pathfinder's Division lies a resolute purpose, forged by the fires of justice and righteousness. We are the steadfast guardians who emerge from the shadows, united in our quest to vanquish treacherous beasts, confront vile wrongdoers, and quell the perils that beset our realms. With unwavering determination, our blades remain honed, our resolve unyielding. As beacons of righteousness, we cast our gaze upon the darkest corners, unmasking the faces of evil. Fear not, for our steps echo with resolute purpose, and our actions restore balance to a world fraught with chaos. Together, we stand as champions of the just, ensuring that light prevails over darkness. Join us in this noble endeavor, and let none say that we, of the Pathfinder's Division, did not keep to our duty.

Joining Requirements:

To embark on this noble path, the only requirement is that you have completed the Company interview process. Once you have successfully passed this stage, you shall be welcomed into our esteemed ranks. As a new member, you will have the opportunity to partake in one of our weekly bounty quests. These quests not only promote character interactions but also serve as a means to familiarize yourself with the company, it's dice mechanics and the collaborative nature of our team. Let your journey begin and your path converge with ours.

The Pathfinder's Division eagerly awaits the arrival of new members who share our noble purpose. With open arms, we extend an invitation to those who seek to make a difference, to stand against the forces of darkness, and to uphold justice. Join us, and together we shall become an indomitable force, united in our pursuit of a better world.


Division Leaders:

Cray & Valesti Cruor

Bounties & Quests:


Within the Pathfinder's Division, we undertake a range of bounties that encompass various challenges and threats. From tracking down elusive criminals to confronting dangerous creatures, our bounties offer thrilling adventures and opportunities to showcase your skills. 

Each week, the bounty board will be updated with various challenges to undertake. There will be something for all characters to enjoy, so keep an eye out for when they are posted each week. They will be categorized as the following: 
Animal Hunt/Tame
Criminal Act Prevention
Protection Order
Forbidden Territories
Rescue Mission
Disrupt Dark Ritual
Safeguard Location

To join a Bounty/Quest, you'll need to react to the posting on the Discord to alert the DM to your interest. Each bounty party size may vary, but will allow at least 4 members and up. If a posting does not get the bare minimum of four reactions, then the bounty will be dropped and held for the next week. Each bounty will have a theme and description to help you decide what will fit best for your character. 

When the Bounty/Quest has been promoted, it will be considered Active. The players and a Division Leader will decide a soonest possible date to undertake the mission. These mission's should respectively only last about three hours or so, but can extend beyond that. If a quest is not completed within the time, it may always be paused and continued at another date. Any questions pertaining to the content and suggestions may be directed toward the division leaders on Discord.

We hope you find time to enjoy some of our many available experience in the near future! 
Burn true, Azure Flame.

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