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For those seeking adventure, riches, or the call of exploration, the Azure Pathfinders offer them sanctuary. Providing an adventurer’s lifestyle, the Pathfinders work as mercenaries risking the unknown and braving the challenges that come ahead. Pathfinders don't seek to be heroes or work for glory. They work hard and see to it that the job gets done. Be it taking down a dangerous beast or gathering herbs for the local alchemist, Pathfinders see it through. We take contracts from many sources, and we are not afraid if blood or mud comes our way.



Joining / Expectations

All that it takes to officially join the division is by attending a Pathfinder event or a small interview. Such a discussion would involve your fighting style, experience in survival, and how you best function with others.

Pathfinder members are expected to act in a professional manner and to see that the job is completed as stated in a client's contract. At times jobs may not go according to plan and members must use their best judgment to get the job done. This does not mean a Pathfinder is free to be heartless, unlawful, and overly aggressive. A good reputation is important to get the best contracts.


Q'xevro Lhiza

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Quest / Events

Quest: These contracts can include anything from capturing dangerous beasts, to hunting down dangerous beasts, to escort missions, to reconnaissance missions, to traversing jungles, to reclaiming forgotten treasures, and everything in between. This will be the most common variety.

Urgent Quest: Some events will have a longer running narrative and recurring characters. The events of previous hunts may affect the following hunts.

Training/Survival Missions: These missions will basically be an excuse to learn new skills in character, or present a social opportunity in a different environment. The goal of these missions being survival. Missions of this kind can include camping trips, fishing trips, exposure to extreme climates, hunting wildlife, different combat styles, etc. These types of missions are highly recommended

Assisting Other Divisions: These missions will involve cross-pollination with other divisions to assist them in their objectives.

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