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For those seeking adventure, glory or the call of exploration, the Azure Pathfinders offer them sanctuary. Providing an adventurer’s lifestyle, the Pathfinders work as mercenaries risking the unknown and braving the challenges that come ahead. We take contracts from many sources, and we are not afraid if blood or mud come our way. If you feel fellowship with what I speak, then follow me to riches and glory!



Joining / Expectations

All that it takes to officially join the division in an informal questioning with Petra Rayne. Such a discussion would involve your fighting style, experience in survival, and how you best function with others. In terms of expectations as a member of the Pathfinder’s Division, you should expect me at very minimum to host a weekly event. If possible, I will try to include multiple on certain weeks, and at different times to assist players from different time zones. There will be a few varieties of events, which will be listed down below under Type of Events.


For members of the Pathfinders, to stay active on the roster, I expect a minimum attendance of an event once every three months. Failure to do so will result in removal for inactivity. If such happens and you wish to come back, please speak to me over DMs.



Petra Rayne

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The general rules of engagement for combat encounters will involve the Azure Pathfinder System listed both here and, in the discord and pinned under the Pathfinder’s general chat. This document will suffice for most RP combat encounters. The document is live, and can/will be modified as I grow more accustomed


Event Info

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They say adventure is its own reward, but I also like to offer incentives for participation, attendance, and relative consistency. Other than for offering a great time.

Gil and Treasures: Even though roleplay is all fictional, who says the spoils shouldn’t be? Mercenaries should be getting paid for their work! For completing contracts and succeeding missions, various small sums of gil will be rewarded to all participants. I believe it makes sense In-Character to be literally ‘paid’ for your duties. Though gil is not the motivation, It is merely an incentive for participation. Some longer term contracts may involve slightly larger sums of gil (100,000 +) or exotic items, but for the most part; contract reward’s will range between 5,000 to 25,000 gil on average for weekly hunts. 

Priority Admittance: For joining with the Pathfinders, you are given priority attendance on missions that you sign up for. Some events are participant limited, so its merely an incentive to join the division. Other than priority attendance, if there are open spots on the day of the event, it will come on a first show basis on participants. 

Reroll Dice: For every event that you attend, the following event you are given a single reroll dice, that allows you to reroll any single die of yours once. Reroll dice can be stacked and their usage and expenditure will be tracked accordingly. 

Experience: While this system is still extremely early in the works, the expectation is that people will be able to gain various bonuses for their characters in the form of mechanical bonuses (+50 extra damage, a +1 on hit die, +1 to Perception Rolls, +50 Healing Potency, etc.) At the moment I am only tracking experience gains for completed contracts, and this system is not yet in effect.

Weekly Missions: These contracts can include anything from capturing dangerous beast, to hunting down dangerous beast, to escort missions, to reconnaissance missions, to traversing jungles, to reclaiming a forgotten treasure vault, and everything in between. This will be the most common variety.

Training/Survival Missions: These missions will basically be an excuse to learn new skills in character, or present a social opportunity in a different environment. The goal of these mission being survival. Missions of this kind can include camping trips, fishing trips, exposure to extreme climates, hunting wildlife, different combat styles, etc. These types of missions are highly recommended
Storyline Missions: Some events will have a longer running narrative and recurring characters. The events of previous hunts may affect the following hunts.

Content Missions: The missions will mix PVE gameplay with RP. They will limited in character prompts and interactions, with the core goal of doing content. Examples include Treasure Maps, Scavenger Hunts, Deep Dungeons, Chocobo Racing, and the like.

Assisting Other Divisions: These missions will involve cross-pollination with other division to assist them in their objectives.