For those seeking adventure or paid mission work, the Azure Pathfinders work for the Company as both adventurers and mercenaries. Azure Pathfinder work is for those that like to brave the unknown and those who are looking to make extra gil. The Pathfinders are those that are willing to brave the risk and challenges that comes with performing contracts for the company and to chart a course to move forward. The Azure Pathfinders serve to complete the contracts for which the company is paid. This is not the sole purpose of the Pathfinders though. We also strive to aid those who need it within the company as well. This can range from other divisions as well as aiding individual personnel as well. In doing so we find a path for the company to grow and forward the interest of the Azure Flames.


The work for the Pathfinders can be extremely dangerous, so learning to adapt to situations and defend oneself is necessary. We are able to help those willing to learn both, but one must also be willing and able to work with a team and not strike out on their own. If you are interested in joining, contact Kiyo Oshidari either in game or in Discord.


Kiyo Oshidari & Nonolai


Do not try to harm another member of the division, unless they need to be restrained due to an event gone wrong.
Handle each mission with respect, meaning that you must be willing to listen and cooperate with the rest of the team.
Do not try to cause intentional harm to the estate property, in the event that something follows the group home. (This should be a rare to non-existent concern.)

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Event Info

Pathfinder events will mostly involve combat on some level. The missions range from training sessions to escort quests and dungeon dives or monster hunts. The event DM can be an active participant in the storyline or simply the one controlling the scenes. How the events go and what kind they are is fully subject to whoever the leader of the mission is. The only missions requiring the use of stats or a sheet will be the hunts by the second-in-command, Nono.

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