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All events posted are in the GMT-7 time zone [PDT]. Click on the event name on the Calendar for more information on the event. If you want to host an event, you can DM an Officer on Discord to have it added. Attending events is optional, you won't be punished for missing them. The calendar is updated with new events each month near the end of the current month. 

Category Explanation:
- Socials - These events are themed around social activity. These events are open for guest participation. 
- Combat - These events are themed around combat encounters. They are typically one-off events or events that do not focus on story.
- Public - These are the public events we host. You can click HERE to see the public events page.
- Training - These events are themed around character training. Such as sparring or combat lessons. 
- Discord - These events are ran within Discord. Look in the Event's channel for more information.
- Entertainment - These events are similar to socials but are themed around providing entertainment. These events are also open for guest participation. 
- Storyline - These events are our storylines. Check the Storyline Summary category in Discord for more information.
- Divisions - These are events ran by one of our divisions!
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