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Some adventures heed the call to action with a sword in hand ready to dive into the fray for glory and accolades. Then there are those whose call is the shield. These adventures find their fortunes and accomplishments in the service of protecting others. Among the Azure Flames these unique warriors are known as the Sapphire Guard. These souls dedicate might and magic to the defense of the hearth and home, the downtrodden, and the occasional merchant with deep pockets.


First and foremost, the Sapphire Guard is the Azure Flames estate security, their members dedicated to protecting the grounds the Company calls home, and ensuring their members are safe from threats both internal and external. This includes accompanying members of other divisions on missions to ensure less combat proficient members remain safe, subduing and removing non-Company members from the estate grounds, and general overwatch security.


Externally the Sapphire Guard serves as community Guards-for-Hire, protecting vulnerable caravans and villages that have little to no standing protectors. The Guard is also known to take up bounty hunting contracts with the Grand Alliance to to bring criminals to justice for the damages they have caused within their communities.


On more rare occasions, the Guard will flank Grand Alliance forces, serving as irregulars within the military operations, engaging in daring missions to swing the battles in the favor of the Alliance and its peoples.


People that want to protect people and still bash in some heads. Sapphire Guard isn't a high-brow adventure of intrigue, it’s about fighting -for- people. If you like exciting fights with the heroics of saving people, then the Sapphire Guard is probably for you.  Members of the Guard should always keep in mind that their objective is to keep people safe through their actions, and sometimes that means you need to protect a person instead of killing a bad guy.

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Guard Contracts: Villages/Caravans that require protection. Straight forward combatand defending the objectives.
Bounties: High profile seek and capture missions against formidable foes and groups.
Military Engagements: Skirmish engagements with enemies of the Grand Alliance.
Lounge/Event/Etc Security: Making sure events are free of violent distractions both in and out of character, as well as planing tag along with other divisions to make sure that softer characters are safe in the field.

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