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Led by Corrin & Volund

"To defeat an enemy and protect all you love and cherish you must know them. Not simply their battle tactics, but their history, philosophy, way of life and what drives them to succeed. We are that which stands as the first bulwark and the first blade to defend that which is ours and lay siege to that which aims to destroy us. It is the firm belief of the Judge Knights to take the first action and the first retaliatory blow to shield the others and continue to press forward. From the armored front, to the ranged support battalions to the field experts and medics we act as one to ensure the continuation of our way of life. The Judge Knights, the guardian corp. of the Azure Flames seeks all to join its ranks and protect hearth and home. For we are the Azure Flame, and we burn bright for we are many. As needed they may be brought in as security for events, prisoner guarding and overall riot control."

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1.    Be curtious kind and polite. Harassment will not be tolerated and you will be subject to charges within the ranks.
2.    Do not mix IC and OOC. If you have an issue with someone IC, that is understandable as it is character development. But OOC will not be tolerated as we have to all live together.
3.    As much as we all want to be the unique Warrior of Light, we just are not so please consider your mortal limits as a toon.

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During your time within the Judge Knights you may be asked to work security, as guards, prison watch and take part in search and rescue as well as combat against encroaching enemy forces up to and including soldiers of the Garlean Empire. We will also take part in protection details, convoy escorts and training drills to keep the members up to par including combat exercises, training courses and strategy war games.