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Image by Augustine Wong

Sapphire Guard Information:

Welcome to the Sapphire Guard, home of the Company’s stalwart warriors. Here we heed the call of battle but not to do harm--instead rising to the call to protect others. We are the shining shield people can turn to when they have no one else, a light in the darkness. Whether it be with might or magic at our side, we will be the ones to answer the call. These brave warriors are the heart of the Azure Flames and act to keep everyone safe. 


Internally, the Sapphire Guard act as staff for events and functions to ensure the safety of all members and participating patrons. In a nutshell, they are security for the Company and will be there to assist members with issues and escort troublemakers off of Company grounds. (Please do not hesitate to contact an officer directly if a situation is dire, especially OOC)


Externally, the Sapphire Guard act as mercenaries for hire. Typically, however, they take only honorable contracts to protect caravans or villages, hunt down criminals, and even assist Alliance forces when necessary.


Secondly, the Voidlight Hunters are a co-division within the Sapphire Guard. If you have an affinity--and the bravery--to hunt creatures of the night, then this might be the place for you. Not only do we instruct on defensive and warding techniques but we also answer the call when sightings of voidsent, ashkin, or other night creatures are reported. 

Who Can Join:

If you’re a well-seasoned warrior who prefers more straightforward jobs and duties, the Sapphire Guard is the right place for you. Here you can hone your skills and put them to good use for the benefit of the Company and the citizens of Eorzea. Exciting fights and heroic deeds are abound, but each member of the division should always remember that protection is the first and foremost duty, not chasing headlong after the enemy.


- Protection Services & Escorting Caravans

- Bounty Contracts

- Sparring Events & Training

- Azure Night Security

- And More!

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