We are The Azure Flames! From various backgrounds, we have gathered, with flames and fires in our hearts that seek the fuel of adventure to ignite them! Even those of whom possess naught of physical prowess, are welcome, for all fighters need the support of others to tend to them!


We have a calendar full of amazing events! Events take place nearly every day, with public events being hosted every week with a few large scale seasonal events! It is never a dull night at the Azure Estate!


We seek to build a community. As such, everyone is important and must play their part. To show effort and to participate, is to grow and flourish! Everyone's stories are important, and we will encourage yours to grow.


The Free Company is themed around adventure and public roleplay. We have a few on-going storylines and several adventure themed events. We also use our base as a cafe, allowing us to host several public events. This includes the Azure Cafe, the Azure Tavern, the Masquerade Ball, and MORE! Our goal is to build a strong core group within the Free Company as well as interact with the community within Final Fantasy XIV.