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PreCombat [A1]

Scouting Phase

Prior to the fight actually starting there is a possible scouting phase. This takes place if the group can see the enemies while remaining hidden. Group members can attempt to scout one of the enemies to uncover their character sheet. This allows for some tactical planning to take place before the fight actually starts. However, if a scouting attempt results in a failure then the enemies get the first turn to attack.

Scouting Chance

The exact roll required to successfully scout is dependent upon the situation and the person attempting. If someone is wearing clunky metal armour then the chance of failure for them would be higher. The base roll required for the most average of average people is ten or higher for success. This changes depending on the situation.

Diplomatic Approach

Athletics - Not everyone out in the world is hungry for blood and gore. Some enemies can be convinced to step down or surrender, or to aid the group. This is also dependent upon the situation and the word choice and general body language of the group as a whole. If one or two members have their weapons drawn or ready to strike, then the enemies will be less likely to hear the group out. 

A diplomatic approach can only be attempted before combat begins, most of the time. There is no rolling involved for this, only words. 

Event 'Leaders'

Most of the time the DM will be unable to take part in the actual event due to their focus on DMing. This means that a member attending the event has to fulfill a 'leader' role. They will be the person to look to for a general attack plan and event flow. Usually the member with the highest F.C. rank will be assigned this role but others can step up for it. They do not gain any bonuses for their rolls, they just help to keep everyone on the same page ICly.

Event Comms [A2]
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Azure Events Linkshell

Event hosts will use the Azure Events linkshell to post DM emotes. This is to ensure everyone can see the DM's posts no matter how far away they may be positioned. This is also to ensure that more than 7 members can take part in the event, as the party limit is 8. 

Azure Flames Linkshell

Members attending and taking part in an event will use the Azure Flames linkshell for any post that requires a DM's response. General chatter can and should take place in /say or /em. If you want the DM to respond to a post, use the linkshell. If you are just talking to someone at the event then use /say and /em. This helps DMs find the emotes that need a response easily.

Dice Rolls

Dice rolls should be done in party chat. If there is no party for the event then use the channel stated by the DM. To roll a d20 the command is /dice <chat channel> <20>

Questions / Confusion

If any questions arise during the event, feel free to whisper the event host. The same should be done if you notice an error that the DM may have committed, so that it can be corrected! Feedback and communication between members and event hosts is encouraged!

E Sheets [A3]


Enemies have a character sheet they use but players (you) do not.

Combat needs to be able to flow smoothly, easily, and in a fun manner. If a DM has to constantly check a player's sheet and then compare it to an enemy's sheet, the flow becomes... slow! Additionally, this makes it more difficult for someone to DM for the first time, especially if they have never done so before. The same can be said for people looking to jump into events for the first time. 

This system also helps to remove some RNG while not completely removing random elements. For those who have a strong distaste for RNG of any kind, this may not be the system for you!

Example Sheet

Goblin Arbalest

Health - Low

Defense - 6

Attack - 2

Attack Hit Chance - 14

Speed - Slow

Passive Specials:

- This enemy does not have any Passive Specials

- Special Attacks

Concussive Bolts - The Goblin loads up a specially made bolt for head hitting, this action does not use up the enemy's turn. If the goblin's next strike is successful then the target is stunned for a turn. (4 Turn cooldown)

Deadshot - This special can only be used on enemies with the MARKED debuff. The goblin fires their bolt dead-on, dealing four damage. This attack can not be avoided. (7 Turn Cooldown)

Example Sheet Explained

X The sheet above probably looks confusing at first, but it is quite easy to understand!


The exact health for an enemy is rarely given. Usually it is described as "low, medium, high, or ???". 


The enemy's defense stat is the number you need to beat to land a successful attack on them. In this case, if you roll a 7 or higher then your attack successfully hits this enemy. Specials and passives may alter the number.


The attack stat is how much damage a base attack would deal if the enemy lands a successful blow. If the Arbalest uses a basic attack, with no specials involved, then it would hit for 2 HP. Specials and passives may alter the number.

Attack Hit Chance

The attack hit chance stat is the enemy's chance to land an attack! In this case, you would have to roll a 14 or higher to take 0 damage while defending. Specials and passives may alter the number.

Specials & Passives

Enemies doing basic attacks back and fourth would get boring. Thus, enemies have specials and passives. 

Often, their specials / passives have a synergistic effect with another enemy. In the case of the Arbalest, they benefit from being paired with someone that can apply the MARKED debuff. Some specials / passives are kept hidden until an enemy uses them mid combat, after which they are added to the sheet.


Not every enemy uses the same sheet format. Some enemies might have physical, ranged, and magical defense stats with different numbers. The way they work remains the same.

Speed Stat

Speed is a stat similar to health, where it isn't specifically stated. Generally it goes as follows:

Slow = Every other turn

Normal = Turn by turn

Fast = Twice per turn

Scouting [A4]

Hidden Information

Some information is left out of a sheet unless it can be discovered. This information varies depending upon the enemy. It could be the enemy's weaknesses, fears, or underwear colour. 

Discovering Hidden Information

As stated in the pre-combat phase portion of this guide, you can scout enemies before combat starts. This is to reveal their sheets prior to the fight starting. This, normally, does not reveal any hidden information.

However, if a high roll (19 to 20) takes place for a scouting attempt, then some of the hidden information is revealed!

Additionally, if someone happens to uncover an enemy's weakness mid combat then the information is revealed. Other situations and chances may arise during an event to reveal more information.

Read The Sheets

All information relating to an active event can be found under the Dice & Event Stats channel category in Discord. This includes enemy stats, character stats (health), and additional event information.

Be sure to read an enemies sheet, you will be given some time to do this before combat begins. If you end up trying to stab a stab-immune enemy then your turn will be a waste.

If you have difficulty reading Discord while taking part in the event (being unable to alt tab) then please bring this up with the DM so they can accommodate. 

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A Phase [A5]

Turn Order

Turn order? There is none. Every member of team 1 goes first, then team 2, then the cycle resets. Team 1 being Azure or the Enemy depending upon who goes first. 

Every member of 'team 1' [Azure in this situation] will post their emotes at once! The DM will then respond to a bunch of them at once, or all of them at once depending upon the pace of the emoters.

Emote Details

Attack emotes should be as descriptive as possible, as additional effects may be provided depending upon the method of attack. For example, if you emote specifically using a poison dipped arrow to attack an enemy with, then the enemy will be hit with a POISONED debuff if the attack lands. 

So long as the attack you perform is reasonable and within your character's skill sets and equipment, it will be accepted! 

Non Attacks

Feel free to attempt creative non-attack emotes during your turn! This is excluding healing, as it has it's own category further down in the guide. This is more so for buff attempts, like a bardly bard trying to sing an encouraging tune! It could also be as simple as throwing hot cocoa on an ally to remove their freezing debuff, or drinking a potion to gain SUPER SPEED! Just be sure to explain the action well enough for the DM to understand. A roll is still required for these, though the number required for success is dependent upon the DM and the situation. Usually these type of emotes will be successful, though the degree of success depends on the roll. If you try to buff the party and roll a 5, only 1 person might receive the buff. Whereas a 10 might see 3 people gaining the buff.

Critical Strikes

Critical strikes are rewarded for extremely high rolls (19 to 20). Critical strikes deal x3 damage (3 times the default damage). However, the range for critical strikes can be altered through buff / debuffs. 


Enemies have synergy with one another, who is to say players can't as well? You can team up with someone else to do a duo emote, or build off of someone else's emote! 


In some situations, there may be multiple enemies. They will be identified by a party waymark. Please be sure to specify which enemy you are attacking during these situations, and specify them by symbol if possible.

Buffs [A6]

Fury - Attacks deal double damage but double damage is received in return.

Inspired - Attacks deal +2 damage and +2 is added to the person's attack roll. 

Protected - Target takes only 50% damage. Lasts for 3 turns.

Riposte - +4 is added to the person's defense roll. If an attack against this target misses, the target gains a free counter attack turn.

Stealthed - The target can not be... targeted! +1 damage is added onto any successful attacks performed. This buff expires when the user commits an action.

Thorns - Attackers take damage equal to the amount of thorn stacks the target currently has. Thorn damage can not be avoided.

Repelling - The target rolls 1d10 when attacked (and hit). If a 6 or higher is rolled then they take no damage for that strike. This can only trigger once per turn.

Splasher - When you attack a target successfully, that damage is also applied to adjacent enemies. Though the splashed enemies can not be given debuffs from the attack.

Leech - Heals the target for 50% of all the damage they deal.

Debuffs [A7]

ARMOURLESS / STRIPPED = Target takes x3 damage. Lasts until gear is re-equipped. 

BLEEDING = -1 health per action. Lasts until healed.

BLIGHT = -2 HP per action + target can not be healed while debuff is active.

BLINDED = Unable to attack or heal. Those who have blind characters are immune to this as they are used to being blind.

BURNING = -1 Health per turn, -2 Defense roll, & -4 attack roll.

CHARMED = Makes the user swap teams, causing them to attack for the enemy.

DEAFENED = -4 to the Attack & Defense roll. 

DEATH'S EMBRACE = The target can no longer be healed.

FEARED = -5 to all rolls.

FIRE READY = The target is covered in oil or something flammable. This debuff is required for a few specials used by enemies.

HOOKED = The target can not move. 

MARKED = Double damage received. Attacks made against this target have +5 attack chance.

POISONED = -2 health per turn. 

PLAGUED = -4 health per turn.

ROT = Can not be healed. This debuff can not be cured while combat is ongoing. 

STUNNED = This user's turn is skipped. 

SLEEP = Turn is skipped. The debuff expires when damage is inflicted upon the afflicted.

SlOWED = The turn order changes for the afflicted. They can only act every other turn cycle.

Injured =  The target must roll 2d20 on their turn. They need a combined total of 13 or higher to be able to make an action, if they fail then they are skipped. 

Cursed - Target takes damage equal to 100% of the damage they deal to others. 

Vulnerable - Target takes double damage.

Rock - Can not dodge attacks or deal critical attacks. 

Image by Aida Batres
Image by Scott Webb

Defensive Rolling

Defensive roll requirements are based upon the enemy's attack hit chance. In order to evade a strike, you must roll higher then their hit chance. Buffs and debuffs can alter the requirement, or they can nullify the need for a roll entirely at times. If you roll a number equal to the attack hit chance, then the enemy's attack lands but no damage is dealt. However, debuffs can still be applied in this situation.


Counters are awarded when a player rolls a 19 to 20 on defense. 

A counter is a free turn where the player can attempt to land a hit on the attacker. 

They have to target the enemy that attempted to hit them, and they have to roll for the success of their counter as it isn't a free hit. It's a free attempt.

Some buffs / debuffs may grant counters outside of the usual roll range.


The total hit points of each person is dependent upon the attendance and the event itself. The base amount of health is 3, though it is common for more health to be given to strike a good difficulty balance. Small contract events will likely see 3 health for each party member while storyline events with complex combat will usually see 5 or more.

Critical Fails

If you roll a 1 on defense, you'll take x2 damage! These are often attributed to character error, such as a trip or a stumble resulting in greater injury.

0 HP Knockouts

If you are struck and brought down to 0 HP, your character is knocked out. The person can be brought back the following turn if they are healed. In such case, they will be brought back with 1 HP and will be given the Death's Embrace CD for the rest of combat. If they fall a second time, they can not be revived until the fight has ended.


Detail is an important part for attack emotes, but the importance drops for defense. Debuffs / Buffs gained through being struck are dependent upon the enemy delivering the blow.​ Therefor, you are free to emote dodging or taking the hit however you would like, and in whatever form makes the most sense for your character. 

It is suggested that you include the dodge / getting hit emote within your following attack emote. As the attacking phase comes directly after the defensive phase, you can include both in one big post! 

Standing Spots

A team that stands together gets hit together. If people are clustered close together then an enemy would be a fool to pass up a perfect AoE chance! Keep an eye on the enemy's special attacks section of their sheet, if they have an AoE then be sure to keep your distance! 

Also, don't stand in the fire.

Healz [A10]
Image by Daniel McCullough
Image by Praveen Sundarajan

Healing works within a range of success dependent upon the roll.

0 = A random enemy is healed instead

1-5 = Nobody is healed

6 - 9 = 1 HP is restored

10 - 14 = 2 HP is restored 

15 - 18 = 3 HP is restored

19 - 20 = All HP is restored, all debuffs are removed.

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