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Recruitment Fair [October 15th]

[Hosted by Elowyn Villarreal]

Azure Recruitment Fair

Date: October 15, 2022

Time: 8 pm EST

Location: Camp Bronze Lake

Come join Azure Flames at our recruitment fair, taking place at Camp Bronze Lake!

From trials to test your strength, magic, and charisma; there is a place and a spot for all! Come battle against members of the Azure Flames to test your strength and talents! Do you have what it takes to become a Cinder?!

Event Program:

Melee Fighting:

Test 1: Flames vs Friends.

A spar between Flames and friends alike! First one to win ⅔ hits wins!

A Test of Strength! A battle between Flames and Friends, or, Friends vs Friends! Everyone is welcome to join. Battles will use D20 dice rolls, with standard rules. If anyone is new to RP Combat, assistance can be offered.


See how well you can work with one another! A team activity where three to four individuals will be pitted against one another! Both sides will roll the dice, the dice totals will be combined and the higher sum wins that round! However, some strategy can be at play as people can try to counter the pull as well!

Weighted Toss

Toss a weight and see how far it can go! Only three chances are allowed.

Players will roll 3D20s and the furthest (highest roll) wins!

Magical Quarter

Magic Show

Don't want to use your skills for fighting? Show off some magic to wow the crowd!

Use some descriptive writing to portray your magical skills in an elegant and fashionable manner! Judges will vote on who can showcase their abilities in the most impressive manner.

The Range Test

There will be three targets to hit, and only one chance to hit them! Can you hit all three?

Entertainment & Taverns:

Shaken Not Stirred

Want to join our bartenders? Want to learn the art of mixology? Show us what you can do! Make a drink but make it well. This is a test of descriptive writing, showcase how well you can make a drink in your own creative manner.


Part of being a server is making sure everybody gets everything at the same time! Lets see how well you can balance items on a tray, and who can go the longest without dropping!

Speed Racers

Customers want their food and drinks and they want them fresh and fast! See how fast you can deliver multiple goods to customers. Just remember, the need for speed isn’t always the answer!

Players will have to bring orders to the right customers in a certain time frame, remember where they were, and remember what orders they have. Oh and if they want to race, they will have to roll for a chance to drop the tray.



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