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Spring Masquerade Ball (Yearly Event) [2023 Complete]

The Spring Masquerade is an event that we host every year in April! We hosted the first Spring Masquerade in 2019 and hosted the second one on April 28th 2020! The third Masquerade was hosted on April 24th in 2021! The fourth Masquerade was hosted on April 16th 2022. The fifth Masquerade Ball was on April 22nd of 2023.

Below you will find information and photographs from each Masquerade, starting from the first (2019) leading up to 2023.

2019 Spring Masquerade Ball

Our very first Masquerade Ball in 2019!

The main attraction for the event was a Dance-Date Auction! If someone needed a partner to dance with, they could bid on someone else to dance with them! A date auction, but only for dancing during the event.

There was also a costume contest with a gil prize for the top finishers!

The event was average at the time, and one of our first large-scale events! it went pretty well.

2020 Spring Masquerade Ball

(The dance floor, taken 2 hours after the event's start time. People would linger for a few more hours)

The 2020 Spring Masquerade Ball was big! Attendance numbers hit the estate's capacity, locking some people outside due to the limit Square Enix set. Roughly 250+ total players attended this event.

The 2020 edition featured four main activities:

- The Masquerade Auction

"Similar to a date auction...and practically the same thing. For those who need a partner to dance with for the evening, here is their chance! Alternatively, they can also use the auction to acquire a date for a future evening."

- Bardly Bard Off

"A competition between bards competing for a grand prize!"

- Costume Contest

"Those with the most exotic, fancy, and pretty costumes can compete for prizes! There will be a lot of categories to win, so everyone can have a chance at a prize! The one who manages to win the most categories wins the grand prize."

- Trivia Trials

"A game where people will compete for points! Answering a question correct will result in a point. The top three finishers will win prizes!"

The above image shows the costumes of everyone (still online at the time) that took part in the costume contest!

2021 Spring Masquerade Ball

Our 2021 Spring Masquerade Ball was bigger than last years!

We reached out to several Free Companies and brought them on board to assist with the event! We had the following FCs for this Masquerade Ball: - Redhawk Alliance

- Wasshoi Entertaiment

- Chimera (The Jeweled Cypress)

- Shroudrose Teahouse

- The Rainbow Room

Activities for this year's masquerade were: - 3+ Hours of bard performances

- Costume Contest

- Card Reading (Fortune Telling)

- Trivia Trials

- Chance Games (Hosted by The Golden Whisker)

The estate was stuck at capacity for a majority of the event. Luckily, a few of our bards volunteered to perform outside to help entertain those who were unable to enter the estate at the time!

With the combined help of the other Free Companies, the event managed to exceed all expectations with both capacity and how smoothly everything went! There was a large amount of interest in all of the activities, especially the card reading and costume contest!

For next year's Masquerade, we will have to include some outside entertainment!

You can find a few of the many photos taken of the event below. The full picture list can be found at

2022 Spring Masquerade Ball

Below are photographs and the poster from our 2022 Masquerade. Free Companies that helped out were: The Azure Lance, Wasshoi Entertainment, Shroudrose Teahouse, Open Heart Hearth, Arae Soteria, The Naughty Nymian, and Chimera.

2023 Spring Masquerade Ball

Below are photographs and the poster from our 2023 Masquerade. Free Companies that helped out were: The Red Ink Syndicate, The Naughty Nymian, Obsidian Blades, Shroudrose Teahouse, Arae Soteria, Chimera, and Eclipse Adventuring Guild.

Here are the photos!