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Welcome to the Twilight Verdants, a botanical division within the esteemed free company of the Azure Flames. With a deep passion for the natural world and a relentless pursuit of the extraordinary, we embark on daring expeditions to discover and cultivate the rarest flora the realm has to offer.

At the heart of our operations lies our magnificent greenhouse, a sanctuary of vibrant life and botanical wonders. Here, our dedicated team of skilled horticulturists tends to a vast array of plants, nurturing them with expert care and employing cutting-edge techniques. We push the boundaries of botanical knowledge, striving to unlock the secrets of these elusive specimens and harness their remarkable properties for the betterment of all.

But our mission extends far beyond mere horticulture. As the valued backbone of our medical team, we work tirelessly to gather essential supplies that aid in the healing and well-being of the realm's inhabitants. From rare medicinal herbs to potent natural remedies, we recognize the profound impact our botanical expertise can have on the health and vitality of Eorzea.

In the realm of artistry and refinement, we are renowned for our creations of marvelous botanical scents and exquisite drinks. The essence of flowers, the subtle notes of herbs, and the harmony of nature's bounty are skillfully blended to craft sensory experiences that captivate and enthrall. These intoxicating concoctions are sought after by connoisseurs and adventurers alike, offering a moment of respite and rejuvenation in a world of trials.

Within the Twilight Verdants, camaraderie blooms alongside the botanical treasures we unearth. Together, we embrace the spirit of exploration and revel in the beauty of nature's mysteries. Whether you are a seasoned botanist or a budding enthusiast, there is a place for you amidst our ranks. Join us on this enchanting journey and let the allure of rare flora, the thrill of greenhouse management, the quest for medicinal supplies, and the creation of extraordinary botanical scents and drinks inspire your every step. Together, we shall leave an indelible mark on the verdant tapestry of Eorzea.



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