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(Past Event) Night Market

The Night Market will take place on December 19th at 7:00 PM PDT [GMT-8] 2020.

(The following is written prior to the event's start date)

The market will feature six different vendors with five at the Azure Estate and one at the Redhawk House!

P-T Copperfield will also work as a traveling magician and performer to entertain the guests! Other Redhawk Members will act as security for the event as well.

The event is projected to last around an hour and a half or two hours and should provide guests a chance to shop for Starlight gifts! (All RP items of course)

The event takes place outside the Azure Estate and the Redhawk House at the Goblet, Ward 5, Plot 13 and 12, Mateus!

(The following is a recap written post event) The Night Market was a successful event, attracting a large crowd throughout it's duration. Folks from all over Ul'dah came to browse each merchant's wares and to listen to Kaien perform some bardly music, and to watch P-T do magical magic tricks! The Red Hawks, despite having only one vendor, managed to attract a good amount of guests as well! The success of the event brings about possibilities for future market themed activities.