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(Past Event) March Music Festival

The Music Fest has ended after a night full of bardly excitement and fun!

We managed to draw in a pretty awesome crowd for the night! It continued to grow throughout the event, especially during the midpoint!

Both the bar and kitchen were open for the first half of the event, they were later closed so that staff could enjoy the music as well!

After the set list, the stage was left open for the bards to perform an open mic! Shiro took charge of that, and so a few bards got a chance for an encore!

We'll be back with this event next March for sure!

Below you can find the information typed up before the event took place! ♥


The March Music Festival is here on March 21st at 5:00 PM! We have a list of bards that will entertain guests for two and a half hours of lively tunes and beats!

The event takes place at the Azure Estate, where the bar and kitchen will be open during the concert! So feel free to grab something to eat or drink while listening to those superb sounds.

We will still be having our seasonal Stars event series in the Spring though! So keep an eye out for that.