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(Past Event) The Azure Cafe

(This is a past event we used to host! The Azure Cafe is now known as Azure Night)

The Azure Cafe was the very first, public, event hosted under the Azure Flames name. Since the first event the Azure Estate has been remodeled four different times, and we have gone through several different advertisements for the event. I will post a gallery of past advertisements at the bottom of this!

You can catch a small glimpse at the bar from the first remodel edition in the above picture.

The Azure Cafe is. essentially, what Azure Night is currently with a different name.

We used to offer contract missions during the event though due to them never being popular they were dropped during the transition to Azure Night.

The event took place every other Wednesday at 5:00 PM PDT. The other Wednesday slot was taken up by the Azure Tavern. The Cafe and Tavern section of the estate were on different floors

The old Cafe (Remodel #3)

The final Azure Cafe, branded, event took place on September 9th 2020.

The first Azure Cafe took place on August 10th, 2019.

The old bar. (Remodel #3)

Below you can find the four main advertisements used for the event, not counting the holiday seasonal variant which has its own post.

The Azure Cafe was our first regularly hosted event. We have gone through several staff changes, estate remodels, and ideas since it's start. You can thank, or hate, this event for leading the Azure Flames to where they are today.

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