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(Past Event) The Azure Tavern

(This is a past event we used to host! The Azure Tavern is now known as Azure Night This post serves as an archive)

Having a bar on one floor and a kitchen on a different floor makes it difficult to have one combined event.

Some people will flock toward the bar, while some will sit at a table to eat their food. Due to having people on different floors and sides of the estate staff management became tricky. We had to have an entertainer on each floor and wait staff would have to constantly run back and fourth.

Thus, The Azure Tavern was created. Due to the estate's design (and despite going through several remodels without it changing until the latest redesign) the Tavern event took place on the week after the Cafe. The Azure Tavern did not focus on contracts and instead made bardly entertainment the main priority. Food was still served which continued the issue of having wait staff running around the estate.

When the mansion was remodeled this event was turned into Azure Night.

The final Azure Tavern took place on September 2nd 2020.