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(Past Event) Summer Stars

(This event will likely make a return in 2021 though we can not confirm it as of yet!)

The below information was typed on 11/18/20

Summer Stars was our very first concert event hosted on August 28th 2020.

(Poster designed by Weaver)

The event was made possible thanks to the help of Tromad and Lilianna!

Tromad gathered performers to perform while Lilianna handled the Costume Contest!

The Bard's College Discord canceled their weekly Open Mic to, instead, attend our concert event. This helped provide ample musicians for the evening and drew in a larger crowd.

The event was originally planned to be held at Foxa's private estate, a small theatre. We realized on the day before the event that the poster advertisement had (and still has) the Free Company's estate listed as the location! So, we decided to stick with the estate as the location.

Our Discord advertisements had Foxa's estate listed in text but the poster had the F.C. estate, no one caught it until Mhinx took a look at the poster the eve of the event.

Quick adjustments had to be made to the Azure Estate to fit the guests comfortable but in the end, it all worked out!

(Picture of Lilianna's Costume Contest)

We received help from Balmung friends to staff the event! Several Free Company members stepped up as well.