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(Past Event) Eventide Market

The Eventide Market was the first market style event we attempted!

Here is the description we wrote for it: "Are you an adventurer who goes out on adventures, only to return with a backpack STUFFED with items? Tired of selling to that old guy at the Ul'dah market stall? Want to make some extra coin, meet some new customers, and explore new possibilities?
Welcome to the Eventide Market.
From seven bells on the second and fourth Thursday of every month you can do just that! Set up shop over in Lominsa and offer your goods for all who inquire!
This is a market for everyone, and will hopefully attract all kinds of vendors! You can also meet up with people and set up a contract!
Are you a miner? Why not sell your ore to a blacksmith, who can then turn the ore into weapons and armour to sell! Or are you an armoured warrior, wanting some extra coin? You can offer your skills and become a guard for the event, to keep those pesky thieves out!
The goal of the Eventide Market is to expand merchant roleplay, and allow people to sell goods, be it roleplaying items or actual in-game items"

The event never caught on in popularity, likely due to inexperience with advertising at the time.

However, we did meet Drais while hosting this event and would eventually recruit him and make him a Head Officer. So that is a plus!

The event took place every 1st and 4th Thursday of the month.

The event's logo.

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