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Azure's Signature Drink

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The signature drink of the company--a shot of vodka, topped off with moonshine and set ablaze!

Alcoholic Beverages

Limsa Ale

For those who enjoy a bit of alcohol in their life, we do import some ale from the coastal city. Nothing says a strong kick like the stuff brewed in Limsa Lomensa!

Ul'Danian Wine

A bitter but sweet flavored wine made for nobility and brought to the Azure Flames.

Onokoro Sake
Rosado Del Sol

Another for those who enjoy a strong drink look no further than the Sake brewers on the Ruby Sea! A treat for those who enjoy something different in their life.

Crimson Cider
Bronze Droughtfin.png

The official beverage of both the Ala Mhigan alliance and the Doman uprising, or so cider brewers would have you believe.

Twitching Touch

This sour drink will leave you twitching in your seat! The drink is rumored to have come from Ul'dah and carries a rather weak alcoholic kick.

Silky Stone

A sweet tasting drink that carries a taste similar to champagne. The drink has a moderate amount of alcohol within it.

Pugilist's Sweep

A bitter strong drink. The taste is often described as the feeling of being beat up by a pugilist. Drinking a few of these will result in a knockout.

Blue Shine.png
26 Gil

Azure's less popular specialty. Distilled spirits with a pinch of sea salt.

Rosette Nebula
Rosette Nebula.png

A sourly strong drink containing Vodka, cranberry juice, Cointreau, and lime juice.

Thanalan Tankard

The most expensive drink on the menu! Standard Thanalan alcohol served in a fancy tankard! You get to keep the tankard.


Topped with chocolate ganache and fresh berries. Doesn’t get any better than this!

Fringe Peak

A bubbly and strong drink straight from The Fringes! Some mistakenly call this the Fringe Reaver due to the strength this drink has. 

Azure Star

Drinking this will turn your teeth blue! The drink tastes like a cocktail but far sweeter. The alcohol contents are low, and the sweetness is high! 

Tropic Pine

A drink designed for tropical lovers! It is the result of mixing alcohol with pineapple juice and a few secret ingredients. The result is an oddly bubbly soft alcoholic drink. Served in a special, collectible, mug.

Shadow Blast

Designed by a spooky Dark Knight somewhere in Ishgard. Vodka, rum, soda, and citrus are mixed to deliver a burning strong drink. The Azure Flames are not responsible for any sore throats this may cause.

Red Moon
Red Moon.png

Dalamud's favourite drink. Tequila and orange juice mixed with a sweet syrup is how this sugary spirit is made.

Velvet Vindication

A sugary drink containing gin, sugar syrup, lime juice, and sparkling water.

Chocolatier's Choco Crunch

A creamy chocolate liqueur! Contains lots of sugar, cocoa, vodka, and a whole chocolate bar.

Bard's Brew

A light alcoholic drink containing coconut water, pineapple juice, sugarcane, and mint.

Bards Brew.png
Ishgardian Ice

A recipe from Ishgard! A very icy drink with white rum, dark rum, orange curacao, orgeat syrup, and lemon juice.


Alcohol Free Drinks

Azim Sheep's Milk

Fresh from The Azim Steppe, a unique milk variety that's good for the bones--and tasty too!

Iced Pixieberry Juice

A flawless steeped glass of aromatic, sweet-and-tart juice chilled to perfection.

This drink will let you run and dash like Foxa! The drink carries a sweet coconut taste to it, with tons of sugar thrown in. A fancy energy drink, basically.

Foxa's Rush
Honey Lemonade

A delightful drink made from lemons so sweet they can be eaten raw.

Stumbling Spike

A sour sobering drink. A few of these will either knock your drunkenness out of you or knock you out cold.

Seeker's Dream

A sweet and fruity drink. A few of these will make you ready to pounce! Or sleep like a Seeker under the moon.

Goblet Drips

A bitter drink that tastes like caramel with aged fruit punch thrown in. 

Beetle's Blood

A salty spicy blood-red drink, made from tomatoes. Some say that saying the name of this drink three times may result in spooky shenanigans.

Mystical Mistral Vapor

Said to be the bottled breath of a wind demon found in Limsa's Mists. It smells minty.

Teramoix's Terror

A drink from the Teramoix family! A fancy mango peach slushy with lots of sugary sweetness!

Bubbling Blue

A bubbly bland drink. Basically bubbly water served in a beer stein. Though the water is coloured to look like beer.

Psy's Oil Delight

An unpleasant slimy drink. Though some say it may heighten your senses.

Stabby's Big Juice

A drink named after one of Azure's lalafells, Lil Stabby. A fruity juice in a large glass!

Stabbical Juice.png
Toot Beer

A yummy carbonated drink! Contains no alcohol.


Teas & Coffees

Kugane Green Tea

Green Tea imported from Kugane itself! Freshly served in a proper Doma-style tea set for those who wish a far eastern experience.

Triple Cream Coffee

Sweetened with milk from the Azim Steppe, maple sugar and cinnamon.

Gridanian Herbal Tea

A tea made from different herbs found around Gridania and brewed into delightful energy restoring tea. Some say it's approved by the Elder Seedseer herself!


The essence of pure, rich coffee in one shot that is sure to wake you up.


Masquerade Specials

The logos indicate which Free Company these specials are from.
Moonfire Night Fruit Tea

A black tea with bits of faerie apple, rolanberry pieces, and citrus peels. Best served iced and sweetened with sugar or honey!

Far East Paradise Green Tea

A black tea with bits of faerie apple, rolanberry pieces, and citrus peels. Best served iced and sweetened with sugar or honey!

The Shroudrose Cocktail

Vodka with a specialty blend of white rose tea, sweet vermouth, fresh galago mint leaves, and aromatic bitters, garnished with honey and edible rose petal confetti.

Mango Mai Tai

A sweet blend of fresh mango juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, spiced rum, coconut rum, and grenadine served in a highball glass over ice, with an umbrella skewer of rum infused cherries.

Eguana Sunrise

A warm, enchanting mixture of mango, peach vodka, and topped with fire algae. Best at fireside, but perfect for a nice thaw in preparation for springtime. 40% ABV.


Caramel and apple whiskey with lemon and ginger ale, complete with a salted caramel rim. Sweet, salty, and tangy - best of all possible worlds. 45% ABV.

Fuggy Pink Sheep

Vodka, Peach Liquor, Half OJ, Half Cranberry

La Noscean Dark Ale

A hearty beer with a thick head featuring a strong bittersweet flavor infused with a hoppy aroma and a hint of honey.


A simple, yet sophisticated drink. Bourbon on the rocks with sun lemon juice, mixed with a simple dash of sugar. It's polished off with a few sun lemon spirals.

The Stickywhisker

As the name implies, this one is a bit... sticky. This drink is a slushy, icy mess - in the best way. Cinnamon cream meets sweet bourbon, with a dash of chocolate dust and crushed ice. Flecks of chocolate bar can be found within the drink, for a burst of satisfying chocolatey goodness. (Low alcohol content.)

The usual Azure menu is below. 
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