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Main Entrees

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Sweet Treats


15 Gil

Reinchoco Steak

Steak shapes like a flying Chocobo with antlers! A mighty mythical creature, with an even mightier taste! 

16 Gil

Snow Cod

A tasty green fish found within the cold waters of Coerthas! Cooked up nice and hot with the best spices around!

12 Gil

Sarcode Salad

A salad made with the snowy flower known as the Sarcode! Mixed with tomatoes, onions, and some spicy sauce to warm your mouth up!

17 Gil


Meat from a snow bird served on a plate with spinach, onions, and spices! A perfect winter combination!

10 Gil

Tree Of Hams

Pineapple, cherries, and glazed ham! Stacked up in the shape of a tree!

11 Gil

Snowflake Pancakes

Shaped like a snowflake and covered in strawberries, this delicious pancake is decked out to make a moogle squeal in delight from how sweet it is!

13 Gil

Winter Fruit Salad

Made with plenty of fresh fruit this will tickle the taste buds of those who enjoy a sweet treat and sprinkled with edible 'snow dust' sprinkles.

5 Gil

Snowy Cone

A cone with tasty ice! A treat to make you shiver from the sweet goodness!

3 Gil

Winter Cookies

Cookies made out of gingerbread! Shaped like little gingerbread men and women!

26 Gil

Gingerbread Cafe

A large gingerbread treat made to model the looks of the Azure Cafe! This large sweet will last you awhile due to the size!


Assorted Cakes

18 Gil

Red Winter Cake

A tasty red velvet cake, shaped like a snowflake! Made with the tastiest chocolate around!

7 Gil

Raspberry Vanilla Mini Cake

These mini raspberry vanilla mini cakes are layered with a creamy vanilla frosting and raspberry jam. Try one if you've got a sweet tooth!

14 Gil

Pixieberry Cheesecake

Rich, indulgent cheesecake swirled through with a ribbon of sweet pixieberry sauce.

9 Gil

Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake

Topped with chocolate ganache and fresh berries. Doesn’t get any better than this!

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