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The FFXIV Azure Battle system is a simple, dynamic battle system for FF14 Roleplaying. The general intention is to simplify and create more dynamic encounters by providing an easy-to-understand framework for orchestrating and handling battles.


General Battle Flow:


Initiative – All players roll and GM roles for the enemies.


Starting at Highest Order -V

a: Declare Action

            - Attack (Basic Roll)

            - Defend (1 Turn Armor Increase)

            - Use Ability (Skill)

            - Change to Subclass (1 TP)

Next Player → a:

Start At the Top


This system is designed to be used with a 1d20 or 1d1000 system (each number being 5% success).




HP: The number of attacks a character can sustain. When an entity hits 0 HP, that entity is downed and cannot participate in combat.


AP: Ability Points. These are used to activate special Class abilities or change your tactics. Entities regenerate 1 AP every three turns of combat.

TP: Technique Points. These are used to activate powerful class abilities or change to a subclass. TP is NOT regenerated during combat. TP values are restored after combat ends. The GM may, at their discretion, determine whether or not TP is recovered.


Defense: The value that must be surpassed to hit an entity.


To Hit: Additional value that will be added or subtracted from an attack roll.


Battle Rules & Actions:


Attack: Attack a target. Roll /random against their defense, then add or subtract your To Hit modifier from the roll. A roll that surpasses the target’s defense will take 1 HP of damage. This rule also applies to any Ability or Technique that is marked as an Attack.


Critical: A Critical Hit is attained when an entity rolls higher than 900. A Critical Hit will inflict 2 damage rather than 1. Certain enemies cannot attain critical hits. (See Enemy Generation & Ranks below)


Defend: Forego attacking to brace for damage. Defending gives the entity +200 Defense for the turn. Any ability or technique marked Defend follows these rules.


Ability: An Ability is a special skill that uses AP to activate. Ap recovers at a rate of one per every three rounds.. See the Ability lists in the Classes section for class abilities

Technique: Powerful class abilities capable of turning the tide of battle measured by TP. TP once spent cannot be regained till the end of the rp event regardless of how many fights occur in a single event.


Change To Subclass: Use 1 TP to change an entity’s class to their assigned subclass. The entity will change their class and characteristics immediately. An entity can only change their class once per combat and only if a subclass has been discussed with the GM.

Status: A persistent effect that lasts between turns. Check the Status section for more information.


Raising: If a character is downed to 0 HP, they can be raised with any healing spell that brings them above 1 HP.  However, a character that is raised will have the Weakness or Brink Of Death status effect until the end of combat. A character that reaches 0 HP is considered Fully Unconscious and cannot be raised without a Raise spell.


Player Characters:

A Hero is a player character or an NPC character that is aligned with the party. Each player character starts with the following Base characteristics:


3 HP

10/500   Defense

+0 To Hit

2 AP

2 TP









Classes influence your stats and give you access to special abilities that can be used to turn the tide of combat. All of the classes in FF14 (except Blue Mage) are available and are divided by Role.



+1 HP


Role Feature:

When a tank successfully blocks a hit, the tank gains 1 use of special class ability. Only one charge can be stored at a time.


Common Abilities:

Provoke (1 AP, Free): Single Enemy: Target must attack you on their next turn.

Rampart (1 AP, Free): Self – +2/+100 Defense for 1 turn.



Charge Bonus: Intervention - Grant an ally +1/+50 to defense.

Cover: (1 AP, Free): Single Ally: Take an attack for your ally instead of them. Roll to block. You will take damage if your roll does not beat their attack roll.

Shield Bash (1 AP): Single Enemy: Attack. Rather then dealing damage, the enemy loses their next turn.

Sheltron (1 TP): Gain +4/200w defense for three turns.




Charge Bonus: Battle Voice - Grant ally +1/+50 to hit.

Maim (1 AP): Target: Attack. +2/+100 To Hit.

Sunder (1 AP): Single Target: Attack,  -1/-50 Defense for 2 turns.

Thrill Of Battle (1 TP): Gain +1 HP for three turns.



Charge Bonus: Shadow Wall - Grant self +1/+50 to defense.

Souleater (1 AP): Target: Roll another die. On 10/500 or above recover 1 HP.

Syphon Strike (1 AP): Single Target: Attack, -1/-50 To Hit for 2 turns.

Living Dead (1 TP): Self: You are not downed at 0 HP for two turns. You will not be downed if you are brought above 1 HP before the effect expires.



Charge Bonus: Cartridge - Grant self +1/+50 to hit.

Brutal Shell (1 AP): Attack. On a hit, gain Barrier 1 for 1 turn.

Aurora (1 AP): Allied Target: Heal ally for 1.

Superbolide (1 TP): Self: Set HP to 1. You cannot take damage for 2 turns.








+1 AP

Common Abilities:

Heal (1 AP): Target 1 ally or self. Recover 1 HP.

Esuna (1 AP): Target 1 ally or self. Remove a detrimental status from an ally.

Raise (1 TP): Target 1 downed ally. Heal 2 HP. Raise will also remove Weakness or reduce an existing Brink Of Death status effect to Weakness. A Fully Unconscious character will reawaken with Brink Of Death.



Medica (2 AP): All allies recover 1 HP.

Cure 2 (2 AP, Free): Two allies recover 1 HP.

Benediction (1 TP): Target ally recovers all HP.
Holy (1 TP): Attack up to 3 enemies.


ACN Healer/SCH

Summon Pet (0 AP): Special: Resummon your pet. This can only occur if your pet is dead.

Barrier (1 AP): Single Ally: Target gets Barrier 1 for three turns.

Aetherflow (1 TP): Restore 3 AP.

Pet Abilities for Sunstone Carbuncle/Eos/Selene (See Pet Section)



Draw (1 AP): Provide a buff to an ally that lasts two turns. Buffs do not stack. (+2/100 Defense or +2/100 To Hit)

Essential Dignity (2 AP): Heal 2 HP.

Lightspeed (1 TP): All abilities have their AP cost reduced by 1 for the next two turns.

Royal Road (1 TP): Provide a buff to all allies that last 3 turns. (+ 2/100 Defense, +2/100 To Hit)




Physical DPS

+1/50 To Hit


Common Skills:

Second Wind (1 TP): Restore 1 HP.



Lance Charge (1 AP): +2/100 to hit for three turns

Leg Sweep (1 AP): Downs the target leaving them vulnerable to further attack -1/-50 defense. On the enemies next turn their action is used to stand back up.
Jump (1 TP, Free): Avoid all attacks and deliver a counter attack on your next turn.







Class Skill: Stealth (0 AP, Free non-Combat) - +2/100 when trying to sneak

(All skills may be changed to Mudra for flavor text as Ninja but with the same effect)

Shadshift (1 AP, Free): Avoid taking one damage

Shadow Fang (1 AP): +3/150 to hit

Death Blossom (1 TP): Throw a group of three daggers at up to three targets with each dagger doing one damage each with each dagger making its own attack roll.



Higanbana (1 AP): Attack for one health and lower target defense by -1/50 for two turns

Tenka Goken (1 AP): Attack for one health and reduce target hit by -1/50 for two turns

Midare Setsugekka (1 AP): Attack for one health and prevent the use of skills for one round

Meikyo Shisui (1 TP): Attack for one health and apply any two effects from the other skills



Class Skill: Fighting Stance (0 AP, Free on turn) - Change your fighting stance to Fists of Fire, Fists of Wind or Fists of Earth. Ability effects change depending on stance.

Riddle of Stance (1 AP): Fire- +3/150 to hit, Wind- enemy -1/50 defense for one round, Earth- +2/100 defense for one round

Four Corners (1 TP): Two attacks with a different stance for each attack



Sidewinder (1AP): +3/150 to hit

Bard Song (1AP): Plays a song to buff the party for three turns. Only one song can be active at a time. Songs are Army’s Paeon +1/50 to Hit or Wanderer's Minuet +1/50 to Defense.

Mage's Ballad (1 TP): Increases Party AP regeneration by one turn



Head Graze (1 AP, Free): Interrupt the targets action

Gauss Round (1 AP): Next shot has +2/100 to hit

Rook Autoturret (1 TP): Deploy the Rook Autoturret for three turns granting an extra attack



Class Skill: Closed Position (0 AP) – Mark an ally as your dance partner. They will receive a bonus whenever you use an AP ability.

Shield Samba (1 AP): Grants the dancer and their partner +1/50 to defense for three turns

Standard Step (1 AP): Grants the dancer and their partner +1/50 Hit for three turns

Improvisation (1 TP): All nearby Allies receive +1/50 hit and defense for two turns

Saber Dance (1 TP): Attack Two nearby enemies









Magical DPS

+1 AP


Common Skills:

Surecast (2 AP): Guarantee hit to target for one attack



Manaward (1 AP, Free): Barrier that blocks one attack that last for two turns

Swiftcast (1 AP): Get two attacks

Magic 2 (1 TP): 1-3 Targets; Attack dealing three damage split among all targets. (If attacking two targets instead of three then one will take two damage and the second one damage)



Class Skill: Damage Carbuncles/Egi in Pets section

Bio (1 AP): Weaken enemy making it harder for them to fight back -2/100 hit for two turns

Miasma (1 AP): Slow the enemy making it hard to defend themselves -2/100 defense for two turns

Bane (1 TP, Free on turn): Spread the effects of Bio and Miasma to all enemies for remaining duration

Energy Siphon (1 TP): Draw aether from an enemy for one damage and restore two AP



Fleche (1 AP): +3/150 to Hit for one attack

Vercure (1 AP): Heal an ally or self for one HP

Embolden (1 AP): Increase ally attack and defense by +1/50 till your next turn

Manafication (1 TP): Rapidly increase your aether levels to deal two damage in a single attack

Verraise (1 TP): Revive one ally




ACN and all of its subclasses (DACN/SMN, HACN/SCH) all have access to a pet. A pet is an entity that can act on the summoner’s turn and effectively gives the Summoner an additional action per turn, but can only use Pet Abilities. AP for pet abilities is taken from the masters AP pool.


Pets CAN be attacked and have their own defensive characteristics. Pets with more than 1 HP can be healed.


Pets are unsummoned when the owner is downed. Pets are immediately re-summoned if the owner is revived using a Raise spell.




Emerald Carbuncle/Garuda-Egi

1 HP

10/500 Defense

+1/50 To Hit



Attack (1 AP): Attack target enemy.

Gust (2 AP): Attack two target enemies.


Ruby Carbuncle/Ifrit-Egi

2 HP

10/500 Defense

+1/50 to Hit



Attack (1 AP): Attack target enemy

Crimson Cyclone (2 AP): Attack target enemy for two health


Topaz Carbuncle/Titan-Egi

3 HP

12/600 Defense

+0 to Hit



Attack (1 AP): Attack target enemy

Earthen Armor (2 AP): Barrier that blocks one attack for the caster that last for two turns





1 HP

10/500 Defense

No Attack



Embrace (1 AP): Heal one health on target

Whispering Dawn (2 AP): Heal all allies for two health




Enemy & Encounter Generation:


Humanoid Enemies:


Base: (Rank 0)

1 HP

7/350 Defense

+0 To Hit

0 AP

0 TP

No Class

No Tactic


Enemies can be enhanced by adding ranks, which represents every stat increase. (Values are base and need adjustment)


+1/+50 Defense (1 Rank)

+1/+50 To Hit (1 Rank)

+1 HP (2 Ranks)

+1 AP (1 Rank)

+1 TP (3 Ranks)

Class (2 Ranks)

Tactic (2 Ranks)

Critical Hits (1 Rank)



For instance, an example of a Rank 7 enemy:

1 + 2 HP (3 HP) (4 Ranks)

+3 Defense (10 Defense) (3 Ranks)


Also a Rank 7 enemy:

2 HP (2 Rank)

+3 Defense (3 Ranks)

+2 To Hit (1 Ranks)


Enemy with skills (Rank 10)

3 HP (4 Rank)

+3vDefense (3 Ranks)

+2 To Hit (2 Ranks)

+1 AP (1 Rank)


Note that the system can also be manipulated to introduce additional mechanics

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