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Combat Guide

This is the general quick combat system. This is used for events like sparring. DMs can choose to host their event using this system if they desire.


The Azure Flames use the simple D20 roll style but with a few extra mechanics and modifications to work with /random.


By default you will always /random for your attacks and defense.


Whenever you try to attack an enemy in a Company event be sure to type the emote first and then roll after.


Also, remember to always emote attacks in the chat specified. If no chat is specified, use /em or /say.


By default, all attacks deal one damage. The only exceptions are crits and buffs. Which are determined with the DM's approval.

For sparring events, your attacks will always deal one damage, unless you land a crit. However, for some story / contract events you may have additional opportunities.



Defense is the same as offense.

You start off with a /random. Damage taken for a missed roll is determined by the enemy's ATTACK stat. If you are facing off against another player [such as sparring] attacks will always deal one damage unless they crit.

Critical Rolls

In combat, there is a small chance that you might get a lucky roll. If you get lucky enough you might be able to land a critical hit while on offense or a counter while on defense. If you are unlucky then you might get a critical fail on offense or a critical failure while on defense.


If you roll a 950-1000 while on offense then it counts as a critical,


If you roll a one while on offense then instead of dealing damage you take damage.


On offense, a critical hit will hit for 2 damage instead of 1.


However the system changes for defense.


While on defense, if you roll a 0-50 then you take 2 damage instead of 1, for the incoming attack.


Alternatively, if you roll a 950-1000 you get a counter turn.

More information on counters are listed below.

009 - Eyeball_A.png
009 - Eyeball_A.png


If you are able to roll a critical while on defense then you get a counter turn.

Counter turns allow you to attack the person who tried to attack you. It's a turn that takes place outside of the roll order and directly after the attempt to hit you.

It's basically a free turn to attack your attacker.

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