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"Magitek. For the freedom of all, and the betterment of our future world." - Vera Volkova, Magitek Specialist.


The manipulation of aether has been a constant attraction for all kinds of scholars, the magically inclined, and even those seeking meaning to this partial existence, since the very dawn of its existence on Hydaelyn. And then there is another, even more recent type; those who seek to bind this mysterious force with machines. Teknology infused with the very same lifeforce that fuels each of us, which in turn provides us with the means of comfort, security, and creativity beyond measure. Here at the Aetherium Tekworks, a proud part of the storied adventurers company Azure Flames, we strive to be a place of unrivalled invention for those free minds with engineering in their hearts! Whether you're able to manipulate aether on your own, or rely on the ingenuity of builders past and present, all are welcome to join us on our path towards a better - more scientific future.

Ran by Signard


With the Aetherium Tekworks many opportunities await to alight your creators spirit. Joint projects to create masterpieces of machinery yet unknown, and journeys to discover the secrets of eras and geniuses past, whose own advances were nearly lost to the Calamities of old. 

As a division of the Azure Flames as a whole, we are often looked to for cooperation with the others in order to aid our fellow members in their respective fields. Always we intend to aid them with our skills, so they may adequately complete their own objectives. No matter the request, we will put our minds together to find a solution to their wants through the power of magitek.


1. Be courteous to one another. As in the company policy as a whole, harassment of any kind and petty drama will not be tolerated.
2. IC and OOC are strictly divided, and the line is to be respected. Do not let others IC actions affect your feelings towards them on an OOC-level.
3. During events and general RP try your best to be inviting and conscious of others. Make sure everyone has their chance to shine, and isn't being overshadowed.

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