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"Aether is the Lifeblood of the World. Magitek simply allows you to manipulate it if otherwise unable to." ~Yugiri Naeuri


Aetherology and Magiteknical Engineering are like two sides of the same coin. A duality that allows aetherial manipulation, from those with a natural gift, like majority of live in the realm, to those that simply lack large aether pools or a general inability. It is the firm belief of the Tekworks Aetherium that both give way to progress. Like Ancient Allag, whose court mages manipulated vast amounts of aether, to their magitek infrastructure that gave way to untold sciences, the division dedicates its efforts to both. Whether you are a mage, a studier of the arcane, or an engineer and servant of Magitek. Be you a Garlean Refugee, or a self proclaim student, all are welcome. From research in to aether relics, or the lifeblood of the world, to constructing new wonders, all can find a project here. Even the advancement of sciences, such as Alchmey, is offered up as services. The Tekworks Aetherium is looking for all mages, engineers and anyone willing to learn the trade and progression of magick and science.


During your time with the Tekworks Aetherium, you will be subjected to different opportunities to attend events. Events include, but are not limited to, delving into magical ruins, uncovering secret magitek plans, or even trainings to improve your aetherial manipulation or your skills as an engineer.


Events will also work in partnership with the other divisions as necessary. Perhaps the Pathfinders will participate in ruin dives, or Medical requires alchemical potions. Entertainment may want aetherial effects during their performances, or perhaps they wish for smoke to fill the room via magitek. Partnership with other divisions should be expected as the situations come up.


The signature theme of the Tekworks Aetherium, Projects, are large scale operations housed either at special test sights or the estate workshops. Over the course of time, our team will dedicate ourselves to various magical and magiteknical assignments. These can include uncovering the secrets and properties of a magical artifact, or creating a new spell. It can also compass large scale engineering projects. Perhaps a large request, or trying to research something new. This project will carry for a time, with various points of participation and involvement. Progress will be updated as it is made, ultimately reaching a conclusion when work is completed.


1. Be courteous to one another. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Not only is it against FC policy, its now against division policy

2. Never mix IC and OOC. If it happens ICly, it should not impact how you feel about someone OOCly. 3. As a general rule of thumb, OP decisions should be left out of events. While its understandable to want your character to be unique and strong, they do not have to overpower the rest of the group.

4. Any project is possible, as long as its justifiable in lore. Lore bending is allowed, but let's not shatter it.

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