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Azure Skyworks is a division where combat is not a focus. The Skyworks allows members to show off their alternate skills and work together to earn as a team to help out with the airship! From trade to expeditions, one can find both adventure and entertainment awaiting them. One can also come across companionship in the crew of the ship itself, with social evenings as well as repair nights! There will be plenty of chances to build up some chemistry and make new friends.


The list of requirements and expectations are rather short and simple. A lot of the skills that will be expected from your character can be learned by partaking in the division events. Thus, being active within the division is a must! From cartography to machinery, there will be a lot to learn through your experiences in the sky! 


Requirements are as follows...

- Attend one Skyworks event a month.

- Have fun

Those that are active in the division, and interested, can be given a key role to aid with the division's growth. 


Similar to the section above, the rules are rather simple and straight forward. 

1. The ship is your home, do not damage your home.

2. Crewmates are your mates, do not do anything to harm them.

3. We are a team, work together as a team.

4. Have fun.

There is a small Aetheryte on the ship. You can travel short distances using this, to gather supplies and such. There will also, always, be a crew present on the ship. The crew will either be players or NPCs. This allows members of the division to roleplay on the ship at any time.


If you have questions about whether or not something would be allowed, you can run it by a division leader.


Currently there is only one leader for the Skyworks...

Katsuye Saito.


The Skyworks is not combat orientated, making combat not the main focus for events. There will be no assigned health points for characters during events. There will, however, be health points associated with the various ship rooms and compartments. During each event, the ship can take damage through interactions that go awry. Or bad weather may simply kick in and cause a ruckus. 

The ship also has a fuel resource, which is spent during events to travel. The fuel reserve will be refilled at the end of every event if the ship is able to dock. If the fuel is not managed properly, then it could result in the end of a trip. Where one may have to expect a crash landing in an unknown land. Perhaps the crew will have to trade cargo for extra fuel, perhaps they will find themselves having to steal from a Garlean depot. Maybe they will simply float adrift... fuel less and forgotten. There are many outcomes to a failure to manage the fuel properly, all of which will allow the event to become even more difficult - but still fun. 

Members will experience many stories about other ships. Learning folklore about lost legendary ships, or ships that have been overtaken by pirates and more! While there is no combat between characters, there will be combat between ships. Ship combat can be avoided though. Characters can attempt to use persuasion, intimidation, and more to talk their way out of a skirmish. They can also barter and offer tribute or even make their own demands. The choice is up to you.

From blistering blizzards to rancorous rain, one can experience much when up in the air. The weather plays a vital role during events. Gusty gales may send the ship off-course or even cause propulsion damage. Aetheric storms may strike, harming different compartments or even the hull itself! 


Lastly, there are many people to discover. NPCs with stories and tales, some of which may even offer upgrades for the ship - that can make it stronger and better for the missions to come. They may even offer tutoring, allowing player characters to gain additional skills and knowledge!


The inspiration for these events comes from Slay the Spire and Faster Than Light.

You also face adverse weather effects, from storms to high winds, these can affect the ship in many ways, steering us off course, damaging the propulsion system, high aetheric storms in the atmosphere can cause damage to compartments or the hull itself. Not only that you will come across NPCs that will have stories and possible extras for events. Over the course of the ship's life upgrades to not only your skill and your players skill but also to the ship itself can and will change how events play out. If you are a fan of FTL or slay the spire type games when you come to enjoy the events held by this division.

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