12/8/19 Storynight

December 9, 2019

 It is time for the Storynight!

Daijin Mavik went first to tell a story! Here is what he said:

"Me and my friend, Raha....were best buddies. Hunting partners and partners in crime until the end....that was until I took up a job to hunt a Chimeria....now, it doesn't sound too bad until you realize the poison claws, multiple heads, and the fact that the only thing I had was some skills as a lancer. I'll....save the details of that gruesome battle for another time. Long story short....my best friend, ended up taking a blow for me, that ended up taking his life as well." He sighs, looking up. "Burying him was the hardest thing I ever did. This jacket I'm wearing? All he left for me, and a couple of other items....Now....my friend Raha was a mage....very talented and smart one at that. Among his posessions was a soulstone, as he called it. Knowledge from mages from the past, to be carried all the way into the future....which I didn't believe because it sounds ridiculous. And being the skeptic I was....I put it to the test. I decided to put it through my own test, and see exactly what was inside....suffice to say, I don't think it liked me very much when I 'looked into it'. And I remember a plume of magical dust and power just pouring out of the thing like it was a gas bomb. It was suffocating, and before I knew it....I was out cold. When I awoke, I felt a little heavier, and my hair felt...messier. When I stood up, I nearly fell back down because I wasn't ready for the height difference! And upon looking at the mirror, I saw something awful, something horrifying The gem changed me into a ugly cat!!" He pauses. "Oh, but then I noticed how well the new clothes fit on me, and it wasn't toooo bad. But still....I was handsome before. The stranges thing is...." He holds up a stone, the one from his story. "This old thing? Is as dull as the stones you could find in Thanalan. No sheen, no glow, nothing. Now, I'm kinda stuck like this forever....or temporarily. Who knows?"

 - Daijin Mavik


Rael Shroudborn went next!

"Right!" she said "I might as well say this one..." she said thinking and prepared herself her voice was a bit deeper than what some people might be used to and her accent was very noticeably Garlean. Back when I was a little kit I lived with my tribe but I was too young to really remember it." she said "But anyway, I was taken from my tribe and was trained to..." she paused "To fight and hurt people I... I didnt like it all that much." she said softly "But fast forwarding when I had just turned 20 I had my arm cut off." she said motioning to her magitek arm "And I was shot... But thats beside the point. I ended up waking up in the med bay a week later and my new arm was attatched it was... Strange to get used to at first I struggled hard with it, I was very lucky to even recieve a magitek arm... But I knew I couldent stay fighting so I escaped and ended up in the east, I never really knew my birth name so I made one up and Rael I chose, and tryed to fit in with the eastern locals, my accent didnt do my any favours whilst I was there, but I learnt the fighting styles used over there, not to hurt but to defend myself and how to hide." she pauses "But after a while I came over here and went to the black shrourd I presumed I wouldent bee too out of place there, but I was, and I was detained for a while eventually I was released and I was told about a clan of veira who openly trade with the people of Gridania not really following the traditional veira teaching, but making there own and they are called shroudborn and I took that up as my surname, and Lived with them for a few years... But thats how I ended up over here I missed out a few details..."

- Rael Shroudborn


Tuya Malaguld went third! Here is her story:
"Okay... Umm... Well, Tuya is of the Malaguld tribe. I was the first of my family born there. For those that don't know, the Malaguld take in people that did bad, run away, or something. Including Raen! Like my mother! But this is a story about Tuya's father! When I was eight summers, my father decided to take me out hunting with him. My mother wasn't too fond of this idea. At first I thought she was just being overly worried. Because she's a Raen and used to living in a bubble. But I soon found out that it was for a different reason. Growing up I thought my father was a Malaguld born like me. Turns out that he wasn't. During my time as a mercenary, I have seen a few people that fight like him. Oh! Tuya should point out that he didn't hunt with bows and arrows or spears! But rather a giant axe as big as me! ...I think. It could have been bigger. Anyways, we are out in the land stalking Matanga. Their meat is really tasty! Papa knew this and was trying to find the fattest one for sudden Papa was surrounded by a red aura! He turned and let out a fierce roar that made Tuya wet herself... I tried to run, but Papa was too fast! He quickly caught me and picked me up by my hair! I kicked and screamed and cried, begging to be released! But he wouldn't! Instead he swung me around like a sling until he finally threw me towards a giant rock! Tuya might have died that day had Mama not swopped in and caught me! Mama was always so fast! But she told me to hide while she delt with Papa! So I hid behind the rock and watched. My father moved like a raging Baras and struck with the ferocity of the entire Dotharl tribe! But Mama was too fast! She would dance between his strikes, weave her Mudra together and strike him with fire, water, ice and lightning! For several bells the two fought! Until finally Papa fell over, having taken so many of Mama's attacks that only a loincloth was left! Mama called me out and hugged me as soon as I was close. She told me that she was so worried because I was still in training. I had only mastered two Mudra at that time. But my father was a seasoned warrior of the Chaghan. A tribe who become possessed in battle and fight like demons! So she hid and watched, worried that he would go crazy. Which he did because Tuya couldn't aim her jutsu... So! That's how Tuya learned that she was born of the joining between a Ruby Princess and a Chaghan warrior!"

- Tuya Malaguld


Andrei Markov was the fourth to go! Here is his tale:
"This is a story that might be familiar with one in the room." He darts his eyes down onto Leodaire for a brief moment. "This is a story of trial and tribulation in efforts to attain a cure for amnesia, to cure a close comrade. During one of these excursions to attain ingredients for a Mastercraft elixir, tragedy struck... Yours truly, as always. Deep within the snowbound hills and mountains of Coerthas, laid one of the parts of our puzzle. We assembled a team to go and fetch said part, but it took us hours of crawling through snow, shuffling it aside to check the local flora. We had split up across the area, cut off from one another save for a small outpost we established in the Camp Dragonhead. A blizzard ran through the area, severely limiting my visibility, nothing of it, I thought. But that's when it hit me, quite literally. A vicious snow wolf pounced ontop of me, pinning me down into the snow. It's teeth sinking straight through my armor and into my flesh, rending it in a single snap of it's jaw. The ensuing fight drew his companions. I stood in the snow for what seemed like suns before I managed to fight the beasts off. One after another they came, and with each one a more grave injury to rake my body. I don't remember much from that day, aside having to hold my arm up by sinew before limping back towards The outpost clutching a bloodsoaked series of roots and flower in my hand... Just to come and find out that the elixir didn't even work in the way we intended." He scoffs loudly, bowing his head. "And that, is the story of why, even in the face of sheer death. Never. Ever. Give up. Your body and soul can carry you to limits unthought of, comrades."

- Andrei Markov


Leodaire Aurigold went up next!
"The story starts in Limsa Lominsa. I had just opened a small voidsent hunting business and got my first client. He came to me with an interesting case.. supposedly, there was a voidsent stalking around in coerthas that was working with a dragon. Scary stuff. I told him that I don't particularly deal with dragons, due to personal reasons, but he insisted. I buckled, and took up the case. I embarked for coerthas that same day, immediately starting to track down the voidsent. It had been so long since I had been to coerthas, it was like adapting to the cold all over again.. Suddenly, I get attacked by the voidsent out of nowhere. He blindsides me. Literally. He had managed to claw at my right eye, causing me to go completely blind in that eye. There I was, injured, bleeding, dead in the middle of coerthas with no contact to the outside world. The dragon he had been working with swoops in. Turns out, this had been a setup the entire time. I was disoriented, and on the verge of passing out.. maybe worse. I attempted to stand my ground, immediately getting pummeled to the ground. I was helpless. I started to pass out.. as I was, I saw a man standing in front of me, ready to risk his life to safe some complete stranger. Suddenly.. I blacked out entirely. When I awoke, I was lying in a nearby inn, bandaged up. I got out of bed, noticing a note on a table nearby. It had been from the man that presumably saved my life. He left me his gunblade, and I never saw him again. I still, to this day, do not know who he was. But I owe him my life. That.. is how I not only lost all sight in my right eye, but also how I started my voidsent hunting endeavors."

- Leodaire Aurigold


Mamimimimimimi went up next for the final story of the evening!

"Kay, this is a story that my Poppop used to tell me, when I was lil'. It's just a fairytale, though. Nothin' like what everyone's been tellin', tonight." She smooths her dress. "A lon' time ago, there was a sultanate that no one remembers. The sultan's most prized possession was a crown they called the Jewels of Mar. The Jewels o' Mar were said to be the most protected item in the sultanate. A powerful mage wanted to steal them to overthrow the sultan, after bein' cast out o' the court; so, he started to spread rumours 'bout the family. The allure o' the jewels was too stron' for him to resist... as well as others who wanted the power that the rumours began to attract. Soon, the family was forced out o' the sultanate. The sultan took the crown with him to keep it safe, but it was lost durin' a battle with the mage's followers. Somewhere, out there, the crown is said to be... lost to all. Poppop says that the center jewel is supposed to light up, when it's held by the family; but, no one knows."
- Mamers


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