Story Night 11/3/19

November 4, 2019

The first story night of November and the spooky decorations still remain!

Here are the stories that were told!



Foxa went first, and told the famous Dragonfly Tale with Shayna this time!

"This is the story of how Shay met her bestest companion, Mister Dragonfly! It started several years ago when Shay was traveling the cold snowy snow area of Ishgard!"
"Shay was pretty hungry and needed some foods, drinks, and sleeps! So Shay Lalaran into the nearest inn! Which was /filled/ up with Elezen! They all gave the little Lalafell strange looks and told her they wouldn't accept any coin from a Lalafell, they were pretty mean! But...An elezen in the back saw this and walked up to Shayna, offering her a special deal. For ten gil, he'd invite Shayna to his family's house, where she could eat, drink, and sleep!"
"Shay didn't have much choice, it was either that or...the cold snow of the outside. So Shay happily accepted and gave up ten of her coins. She followed the Elezen outside where two more Elezen stood. One younger, one older. They explained that they were all brothers, and they continued along the way until they reached an allyway. The oldest Elezen looked around, ensuring no one was near before saying, "You shall not speak to a soul of what you are about to see. You understand?" 
"Shay, of course, nodded her head happily. The oldest Elezen leaned in and pressed on a special stone, causing a hidden door to open up! The four of them swiftly sped inside with the door closing behind them. There, they were greeted by the OLDEST, UGLIEST, AND NASTIEST SMELLING ELEZEN LADY SHAY HAS EVER SEEN. She greets her with an aging voice, "A-ah, are you our dinner guest for tonight?" to which the oldest replied, "Yes ma, she will be joining us!"
"They travel down the dark and damp passageway, until Shay and the others walk into a candle lit dining room. Shay is encouraged to take a seat and several plates of steaming hot food are passed to her, with plenty to drink. Shay nom om om noms until she can't eat no more! "Would you like to take a nice hot bath before bed?" the oldest Elezen asks the Lalafell. "Oh, happily!" says Shay, feeling she had to cleanse herself from the Ishgard filth! So, Shay enters one of those steaming hot baths..."
"Shayna starts to relax but...her vision darkens...then it lightens...then it darkens... Shayna knew then she was drugged, it was too good to be true of course! Her vision enters blackness...until it is filled with the three Elezen...and then darkness, followed by laughter. Shay then sees what appears to be a room made of glass, outside of the glass she can see several large jars, filled with various insects and bugs."
"It was at this moment Shayna's eyes open wider. She tries to move but...can't. She struggles to turn her head, and she can't seem to really talk! She stumbles about for a few minutes and finally manages to look down...but she has no arms, instead she has little pincers. She looks up, she sees wings! She has been turned to a Dragonfly! She gazes around at the room, trying to figure out what is going on!"
"next to her is a jar, inside that jar is a dragonfly! This dragonfly is looking at Shay, communicating in a hushed whisper, "Q-quick, you must...get down! Be dead, d-don't move! Don't breath!" he whispers before plopping down to the bottom of the jar, as if he were dead. It was then a loud "BANNNNNG!" was heard as the door to the room SLAMMED open..."
"The old Elezen lady walks on in and hobbles over to one of the jars. She opens it up and a spider skuttles and skutters around as she snatches it up and throws it into her mouth. This lady didn't have any teach, so she just crushed it with her gums. A strange sound of CRNNHC and GLMMPSCH were heard across the room. She then walked over toward Shay's jar..."
Shay, quickly, fell to the jar like the other Dragonfly, and promptly started to play dead. The jar was opened and the lady grabbed onto Shay...and then grumbled. "No fun when they don't skutter and squirm," she growls out and puts Shay back in the jar and hobbles out of the room, slamming the door shut behind."
Shay slowly got up and was now quite determined to escape. The other Dragonfly started to communicate. "You must get out. There is a drawer at the far end of the room. Inside are two potions. One of which will revert you back, the others...well, they turn you into bugs. I've been here too long, the potion won't have any effect on me can still be saved. 'Else, you'll slowly forget how to talk's starting already, I can not use my words...well..." he mumbles out."
"Shay bump bump bumps into the jar, slowly getting closer to the edge of the shelf in which she was placed on. Bump, bump CRAAAAAAAAASH! The glass jar hits the ground and shatters, injuring Shay just a bit. As this happens, the door SLAMS back open and the Elezen lady comes to investigate. Shay, however, manages to hide herself, just in time!"
"Shay swiftly flies with those tiny wings, heading right for the drawer! though she does not open. She hides there and waits...waits until the three Elezen boys are gone, and just the mother is home."
"The next night, the three Elezen boys would return home to find dinner on the table and prepared. The main course was a large pie, with a crunchy crunch feeling. The Lalafell managed to poison the old lady after curing herself, and turned her into a bug and made bug pie! Shay's dragonfly friend in the other jar could not be saved however. Thus, Shay always carries him around in a jar, so he can see the world. Shay still sometimes talks with him during adventures." 

- Foxa Sulti


Mamimi Mimi went next with her story! Here is what she told:
"Once upon a time there was this hyur prince who was travelin' to a far away land to make a trade agreement with them. He wrote home, often, on the trip. The prince was bored with his mission 'n spent most o' the trip lookin' 'round 'n lamentin' his job. They traveled for days, until they passed this large forest. The prince watched the trees pass, until he saw this lovely elezen woman. So enchanted by her beauty, he wrote home to his brother 'bout her. His brother warned him that he was bein' silly, but the prince believed it was love at first sight. The prince tried to listen to his brother 'n focus on his mission, but he kept thinkin' 'bout the beautiful maiden. He snuck away from his men 'n returned to the woods to look for her. He searched 'n searched, but he couldn't find her. Just when he was 'bout to give up, he heard a faint singin'. He followed it 'n found a lonely house in the woods. The singin' was comin' from inside the house, so he knocked. The singin' stopped, but no one came to the door. He snooped 'round to peek through the windows, but there was nothin' inside. When he went 'round to the side o' the house, he found an opened door. He went inside. After lookin' 'round, he found a frail lookin' woman. He asked her 'bout the maiden he saw 'n 'bout the house. She asked him to help her. In return, she'd tell him everythin' he wanted to know. He agreed, 'n she told him to help her to the edge of the forest. She could barely move on her own, so he carried her to the edge o' the forest. Once she reached the edge o' the forest, she started singin'. The prince put her down 'n asked his questions, again. She told him that she'd seen the men pass by 'n that she was that maiden. He was alarmed. She told him that a spell had been placed on the house 'n she'd heard someone cryin' from it. So, she went in to help. When she went inside, she suddenly felt weak 'n couldn't move. She'd waited there, tryin' to catch someone's attention to get her out o' there. As she told him her tale, her form shifted 'n before him stood the maiden that he'd seen! She told him that he'd managed to avoid the trap that triggers the spell. She was so grateful to be freed that she accepted the prince's sudden declaration o' love! They returned to his kingdom 'n lived happily ever after!" - Mamimi Mimi


Typriss was the third storyteller of the evening!

Here is the tale she told:
"It's not a once upon a time tale, more of a several months ago tale, I suppose. Where to begin. . . . High in the mountains there is a place where those without souls dwell, created not of their own will, but through that of madness. . . or perhaps genius. One such creature, through an oddity of unexpected measure, awoke from her slumber in the crystaline chamber she had been kept in for what could very well be anyone's guess. What strange sights she spied from behind the wall of clear visage. Strange people in strange clothing doing strange things. All the while stopping from time to time to stare back at her. She wondered often if they wondered what she thought or felt. If that at all mattered to these weird persons gazing at her. This was life or what one could assume was life having not experience with anyhting else. Day in and day out. Watching the odd people as they watched her. Until one day. An act of extrordinary cruelty. . .The creature's small little chamber was flooded. With what she did not know. Cold, light and quite discomforting. It scared her and yet there was not she could do but stare at those who watched and waited and pointed and spoke of what she could only guess. Whatever it was, was noting good. Fear gave way to terror and discomfort to pain, vision lost to darkness. . . all seemed lost. And yet, deep within this souless creation stirred something, a feeling not felt before. A. . . desire.  Hopelessness transformed to desaration and what was thought not capable gained the will to fight. What happened in the moments to follow are to horrific for me to utter here. The creature unbound by ferocious tenacity and desire to live. . . . left none other with that which she faught for. . .With each and every torturous person from beyond the glass slain, she did depart. Free, even now wandering Aorzea, searching for the last piece of herself she was denied in her creation. . .Perhaps, her soul." - Typriss Eververse


Aurelle Evardouix went up to tell the final tale of the night.

"There was once a wicked king who thought less than poorly of everyone, he was cruel, even his friends were not spared his terror he punished anyone who would dare argue with him, until one day a little serving girl looked at him in the wrong way and ordered to have her tounge removed." she took a breath in to continue "And the girl was dragged away and the guard begrudgingly took her tounge, they only did it to save there own skin.- cutting forward a few years the mute serving girl decided to poison the Kings food, and watched with glee as he devoured it and coughed up his own blood he was scared as he lay there on his dinner table dieing he sobbed for forgivness but it all fell on deaf ears... anyway that the end of the story pretty shit I know but the moral is not to be an arsehole" - Aurelle Evarduix


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Story Night 11/3/19

November 4, 2019

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