Spoopy Storytime 10/27/19

October 28, 2019

Tonight was storynight! Here are the stories that were told...

Shayna went first with her story!


"Shayna Yusha would chuckle a bit as she crossed her arms..."Many moons ago, me and my friends decided to take a trip into the old temple....left in ruin after the invasion of the empire..it's halls hadn't been touched in ages.."

Shayna Yusha would turn to look back at the others.. "The way to the temple was filled with alll sorts of dangerous beasts...and training empliments in disrepair....but as we entered the hollowed halls...it all changed....Mist flowed out of it's doors....and inside were teh souls of those who gave there lives.." ... "Ghosts of the Fist of Rhalgar....."

"We ventured further....each step we took inviting the spirits of the Monks to test our resolve....further and deeper into the dark untill finall we came to the center of the temple....and the Ghost of the greast monk of all...Coeurlfist...." She spread her arms out. "Bigger than any roe, stronger than any beast....he wanted nothing more then to find someone worth to pass the name of the  Fist of Rhalgar on to.....and so...with no where to go....We fought him....It was grueling....scary in power and skill.....but in the end...we overcame his trial...and for that we all became stronger for it..." - Shayna Yusha


Cota went up next for the storytime!

""Ummm ok then. So i was in the outer parts of Thanalan and i heard of some Garlean patrols in the area when i was in a bar. So i set up a ambush for them when they were crossing under a cliff. So i took a scape of Magitek and placed it where they would see it knowing they stop to make sure no one was still there. Once they did i dropped down from the cliff and dropped onto one of the piolts of the reapers. Then once they opend fire on me i had leaped off of it so they blew it up. Once they did the i charged at themand cut two of the troopers down with my sword. Then i saw another one of the reapers charging a cannon to fire and me and i rolled to the left and it just missed me. I closed the distance and started to slash anything that looked like it was pumpping fuel to it and it soon powered down and the guy drving the thing fell out and i thought was dead. Once i was done i turned to tale care of the last reaper only to see it firing its main cannon. I blocked it.. With my arm at the time i fgured the extra plate on it would be enough but it blew me back and i fell. when i went to get up i didnt have my right on from alittle above my elbow to my hand. the guys cannon must have needed ro recharge cause he walked up as i was bleeping out onto the sand and tired to use the smaller guns on me. I kicked of hard and dived between its legs then i got up lifted my sword as hard as it was and threw the dam thing at him. Cut him right in half the i started to take..of my arm. until i heard beeping the guy i thought was dead was not and he actvated the self destruct of the reaper and it blew me a good bit back and knocked me out. Someone much have heard it cause i woke up in Little Ala Mhigo missing most of my left leg and more then half of my arm." - Cota Malagold


Mamimi Mimi was the third to go!

"Once upon a time, there was a... young girl who was, um, walking the streets of Ul'dah late at night. She was walking home from the weaver's guild and she tripped while crossing a dark alley! At the end of the alley there was... um..." Mimi Looks around the room for some inspiration. "A big dog! No... Yes. A big dog. It was hungry! She tripped 'n hurt her knee, so the dog smelled it 'n ran at her. She got up 'n ran, but she wasn't fast enough! The dog caught her 'n..." She exhales and furrows her brow, trying to think of something scary. "It... turned into a scary man!... Heattackedher'nranoffintothenight! Noonesawhim,again!" - Mamimi Mimi


Hilda went up next!

"I have a tale about a poor maiden traped in a lone tower." Hilda Ashdown began to manipulate some aether it wasent too obvious at first, "The poor woman's name was grelka- her parents always kept her locked up in her room under lock and key, leaving her to gaze from her window... Until one day the most handsomest of men appeared to whisk her away...He spoke love poems to her day and night telling her how he so longed for her heart..." she says in a grim tone, "And Grelka fell in love with the man and would blow him kisses every night." she says and pauses gatering slightly more aether. One day the man appeared again he was sad and cried out 'Oh why oh why dont you love me?' Grelka shouted back ' I do, I really do!' but the man wasent having it and looked up to her lofty window 'If you love me then cast yourself down here!' Grelka didnt know any better and jumped... Falling to her death but if you think thats where this ends, you are sorely mistaken....The man grief striken about killing the one who he loved /snapped/ and cut her open and ate her heart taking it, he thought 'Her heart belonged to me its only fair if I eat it.' and gorged on her innards. But Grelka's spirit didnt move on..." the lights would flicker around the room and on the stage would appear Hildas dark knight esteem for a few moments before dissapearing, "They say if you look up to any hight window and call her name she'll appear and kill you trying to replace her lost - heart. The end" - Hilda Ashdown.


Lil Stabby went up next!

"One day, there was this fisherman who did his fishin'. Brought home the usual catch every day. And once a week, he'd invite his best buddies over for a meal t'celebrate still bein' alive, yeah? One of them days when his buddies come over, he's super happy t'tell 'em that he caught somethin' MIGHTY UNUSUAL. A special treat he ain't never caught before! So it was extra special! His buddies were super excited and also a little bit drunk, but one of his buddies jus' couldn't help 'imself and decided to take a peek in t'the'kitchen...An' what he saw dead and chopped up wasn't no fish... Well, it kinda was a fish... But it had half a body of a PERSON. With a big ol' fishy tail! But not a namazu, like a regular bloke from th' city. With skin like ours, long black hair, and normal eyes and lips! Th' buddy of th' fisherman got creeped out and told the rest of his buddies not to eat the meat their buddy was makin'. But they didn't wanna be rude, so they secretly wrapped up th' meat they got to throw away later. But one of 'em was drinkin' a whole bunch. And he forgot to throw the weird meat away. So when he brought th' meat home and passed out drunk, his wife thought it was a gift and prepared it fer eatin'. And she ate th' meat. But th' drunk guy later woke up and found that... Nothin' happened. His wife wasn't poisoned by th' meat and she ate the whole thing. But that ain't th' end...The wife was a few months 'long with a baby, big an' pregnant! And for a long time, nothin' happened... Until the day th' baby was s'pposed t'arrive...By then, everybody pretty much fergot about the fisherman and the 'special' meat that she ate an' all that... But then th' wife is with the midwives and in labor and all that normal yellin'...But what comes out wasn't a baby at all... But a big ol' EGG. An' when that egg came outta that lady, it hatched right away... In to many tiny little critters with super sharp teeth... And they started to attack everybody right away! Like them fishies that can eat a whole animal in a few seconds, the little monsters attacked and ate everybody in that house. And then the town! Y'see, when the fishperson was killed, it put a curse on whoever was gonna 'defile' th' body, y'see. And eatin' it is really high up on th' 'defile' list of what not to do with a body, yeah? Th' little curse monsters ate all th' people and animals they came 'cross until they reached th' sea. 'Cause each of 'em was a little piece of that dead fishperson and there wasn't gonna be no restin' 'til they got to water...And that's th' curse of the Ningyo, the seapeople of the deepest waters! Supposedly, they're still out there, so y'gotta always check what y'haul in when yer fishin'!" - Lil Stabby


Serene Gale, a guest, went up for the final tale of the night!

"So then...me and my company mates were out on a mission, we met up with a detective who sent us a job to help him with, guy was a bumbling gumshoe, nice guy though, good hair. Anyways, he was on the prowl of a serial killer, a number of vicious attacks had been taking place all around La Noscea, gruesome, horrific deaths, all of which seemed to lead to one particular area...the Costa Del Sol. Now this killer, they seemed to have made a reputation for being a night stalker, we would have no luck finding this guy during the day, so we needed to wait till the pitch black to snag this murderer, we weren't alone, my company and the dectective had rivals in a bounty hutner group, confident lot they were, they were gonna catch the perp and get big gil, but for us, it was more eyes to look for these guys. So the night came, and we were investigating the beachside when we heard a cry for help! It was one of the bounty hunters! We rushed to where the screaming was coming from to see two figures, one, dead, looked like they had been gut shot by a cannon, and the other, covered in blood, shaking, we talked him down to get info from him, he told us he saw a shadowy figure fun towards some shoreline boulders nearby, we tried to head out right away but the guy seemed so scared in his boots he basically hitched a ride on our boots. By the time we got to where he mentioned, we saw a gigantic boulder, with another bounty hunter underneath, dead. However, as morbid as our situation got, a ray of hope, we had eyes on our killer, we took off, leaving the first victim sobbing, unable to even move for fear of their life. We chased the figure up the hill, only to be beset upon by boulders, being thrown by a particularly jumpy hunter, he claimed to have scared off the killer, seeing them jump down the cliff face, and he followed...jumped right off...all we heard was a cruch as the poor man seemed to have not stuck his landing.", Serene said, taking a breath. After some more running around, we finally came across the last bounty hunter, a small Lalafell girl, petrified as a shadowed figure, too far away from us to see, face her, we rushed into action, our goal to save her, in the fight, we managed to get a glimpse of our man, our killer, who was it?! Was it the detective, the last living bounty hunter, me, you?!", Serene pointed out to the audience, she smiled as she lowered her hand, "I wonder if anyone can answer the mystery before me, though the truth may end up being more surprising and scarier than you could scarcely imagine." - Serene Gale


Alice decided to go up for the truly last tale of the night!

"Erm...well...I suppose I could tell you a story we were told as children in the jungle. You see, there lived a...I believe you would call her a shaman? She was mostly content to keep to her own affairs. There was a loose agreement between this shaman and the chieftan to keep out of each other's way. The villagers tilled their own crops. The shaman tended to hers. It was a fine agreement for quite some time until but there came a time where the crops failed to produce enough food for the village. Two young Viera decided to steal into the shaman's gardens for sustinance for their family. They did it once. Nothing bad seemed to happen. They ate for a few days. But, when the food ran out, they had to go back to the shaman's fields and get more food. Once again, they were successful. They ate for a few days. No negative effects whatsoever. So finally they decided to just press their luck further and steal from the shaman again. They were bolder. Stole more. Didn't take precautions to hide their actions That was their mistake. She laid a trap for them, you see. Made it appear as though there were plenty of stalks of corn right for the picking. When they both walked towards it, the ground caved in and they landed in a vast pit. It was pitch black and the sides were incapable of being scaled.  The Shaman appeared before them, then. It was as though she were an aetherial projection in the pit. In a booming voice she told them that if they wished to leave, they would have to give up a little part of themselves. They didn't understand what she was asking them to do. She told them that the food they'd stolen was very valuable. They'd have to leave something behind in order to be able to get out of the pit. They asked what she wanted, and she demanded the most lucky part of their bodies...which, traditionally, has been held to be Viera feet.  At first they refused. Such a request would be unconcionalbe. And yet the shaman was insistent. For days they stayted in the pit. Unable to really eat or drink or do anything. They finally decided to draw lots and the loser would have the winner cut off her foot. That decided, a knife was dropped into the pit. It seemed to fall from a cloud of aether. It landed before the winner. She cut the loser's foot clean off, thinking that would be enough for them to escape. But the shaman was unsatisfied. She demanded that the winner also lose a foot. The two Viera protested, but it fell on deaf ears. Once again they were denied food and water as the loser despaired and grew weaker. It was clear that without her foot and proper medication she would die. So she suggested tricking the shaman. She had the winner switch clothes with her, and then told the winner to cut off her remaining foot. That way the Shaman would get the required number of feet, but at least one of them would be able to escape. This decided, they switched clothing, the foot was cut off. But the Shaman was not pleased. She knew all along what they had been planning. She caused the walls to cave in on the Viera. They were crushed, suffocated, and died." - Alice Tsukagami.


And with that, story night came to an end!







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