2019 - All Saints Party - Azure Flames

October 27, 2019

"Within the Azure Cafe - you become our prey!

For today, we will have the say.

With us you will play or you, we shall slay.


The candles hath dimmed and the darkness reigns in

Thus, a quest shall begin within these walls.

Listen closely and hearken to our calls.


For a deed of such daring is dangled before you.

Shall you take on this trial - tempted as you are…

For brave, bold bodies stand before us.

Beaten yet never bettered in the field of battle. 

However, the weakest of these warriors may wilt.

So stand together - gather thy wit and will

And prepare thyself… for the challenge to come."

Were the words spoken within the Cafe this night. A night of games and mystery... as when those words were spoken the lights flickered. 

Upon the ground floor a thunderious roar did sound. The light flashed bright and dark, again and again and blackness came abound. Though the darkness did not last long! A loud thud did hit the ground and the lights sparkled back on.... Though Ciri was...gone!


Cirinia was taken and the first game began. A game of tricks, those who failed were cursed with glamour! M'iashi, Drais, and Quinn both received their curses - and a clue to the killer was given. 


"A scale shall be stolen.

Beaten, battered, and swollen. 

None shall suffer their demise yet

But with the curse, they are a threat."

Were the words in which were spoken.


The next victim was picked as the next game was planned.

"The lights flickered...on and off once more! Though not with silence this time. Quinn's tomestone ringed once, then twice, and thrice...and then silence! Suddenly... A chocobo showed up outside. With nothing but a shadow, vanishing as it reached the door. .. And then, Quinn was gone!"


With Quinn taken, the next game began!

A game of charades, three correct guesses and Quinn would be saved. However, if three incorrect guesses were made, then Quinn would suffer. 

Hilda went first pretending to be Drais. 

Tehn'a was second, pretending to be an Ascian.

Lucksan went third, pretending to be a clock salesman. Though no one guessed this correctly.

The final one was Aufaut, who pretended to be Alice.


Three incorrect guesses were made and so when Quinn did escape, he was covered with blood and injury. 

The next clue was read!

"The man of music still stands on ground.

Give it a few rounds and see if he still stands.

Two rounds yet remain

No knowledge shall be gained."


The third game began!

"A knife was handed over to Alice, a sharp and sturdy weapon - "You must shove this within her heart. Do so correctly, and she may live. Do so with worry or fear, and she may meet her fate." the ghost said aloud."

And then, after much worry Alice finally did it!

With Elizbeth tied and bound with magical chains, Alice plunged the knife into her.

"The knife is plunged, though flesh it does not break. A glamour, an illusion - no harm has been made. Instead, the illusion fades - glitter, sparkles, and light bursts out from the knife as it vanishes, along with the chains"


With the knife game wrapping up, the Costume Contest began!


 Cirinia went first! Here is her story: "I. Am sister Mithelda." She spoke in a fitting accent, "I operate the orphanage. But oh it is such a draining task," She places the back of her hand to her forehead and feigns weeping. "For the children? They do not appreciate all I do for them~!" She places that same hand over her heart. "The hours I spend slaving away to bring them the very best in life! And they repay me with insolence?" The mace she held is swung up in the air and sat on her shoulder. - "That is why I had to do what I did, you see? For the children did starve and worry. They did scream and run down my halls. They did cause ever such a ruckus. So I took the naughtiest ones through to my kitchen-" She paps her mace in her hand. "And I taught them to behave." She shrugs. "You must understand my charity, of course. I did not take them whole at first- merely an arm. Perhaps a leg. Into the bellies of the children~! The did so love it! They would always ask for more of Sister - Mithelda's pies. But.. Soon there were no children left in my orphanage. But never fear. That is why I am /here/"


 Drais...went second with his fishhead costume. 

"I am fish head guy. When my mom was pregnant with me she ate a bunch of fish so I was born with a fish head." - Drais.


Cirinia ended up winning the contest as she blew Drais away with her story!


With the Costume Contest ending, the final riddle was read. The contents of the riddle, however, will not be quoted. You had to have been there to hear it.


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