The Adventure Story, Part II

October 14, 2019

Told by Foxa in game!


"The team of Grizwald the Lalafell, Gath the hyur, Lucky the Lalafell, Glitch the Lalafell, and Kristen the Hyur! A team of five employed for the Embers, which is what we were called before changing into the Flames, set out for a spoopy cave in Thanalan to hunt some monsters!"
"They got to the cave after a few hours of getting lost.  They finallllly found it but...they were all to scared to enter! So, of course, they do the most sensible thing and throw a Lalafell inside. They grab the nearest one, Grizwald, and throw him inside the cave to see if he gets eaten by monsters or not!"
"Grizwald does what Grizwald does best. He begins to shout 'GRIZZZZWAAAAAAALD. GRIIIIZ, GRIZ, GRIIIIIZWALD!' quite loudly. All that they hear back is an echo of his words, it seems to be empty! Soooo, everyone runs on inside!" 
"However, once inside...they begin to hear laughing! AND THEN...The evil Verkon the Meatball and Pres the Mardox appear from outside the cave, staring at the group with a BIG LOOK OF INTIMIDATION!"
"However, Lucky the Lalafell is not one to be scared quite easily. This little guy storms on up to them with his lucky purple hat and begins to punch wildly! Though, it doesn't seem to do much of anything since...well...Lucky is pretty weak!"
"Meatball gets quite bored and steals the Lalafell's purple pointy wizzard hat and puts it on! Lucky stumbles and staggers backwards before falling face first upon the floor! The terror of his hat being taken is far too much for the little guy to handle! Grizwald sees this and shouts out a mighty "GRIZ" before storming up there as well." 
"But...His hat is then taken by Pres, who puts it on! Grizwald...does pretty much the same thing and falls upon Lucky before passing out, leaving the group with just three! Kristen, Gatho, and Glitch who are already hard at work being serious! Gatho fires an arrow at Meatball while the other two begin to ready their magic!"
"These two villians lack the combat skills to do much of anything, thus Meatball takes the arrow to his belly which causes him to scream in terror and quickly run away! Pres would follow after him, though with the hats still on them! Which leaves the group with one option...TO HUNT THEM DOWN FOR THE HATS, to make the Lalafells sane once more!"


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