Storytime - The Tale of Marlow and Verkon, and More!

August 14, 2019


Tonight was story night! 

The Flames and a few guests gathered around the campfire to exchange stories. Mhinx told one about her childhood whilst Drais told a tale about one of his contracts.


Foxa then told the following story about a mission the Flames went on. 

Lucky, Grizwald, Glitch, Gatheron, and Foxa herself were tasked to fight the evil bandits named Verkon and Marlow. Here is their story!


"I will instead tell the story of one of our first contracts! Since it's a rather amusing story and one not listed within our archives."

"We had a team of five people, including myself. We had a big hyur named Gatheron who wielded a bow! I went unarmed, we had a crazy Lalafel who had the nickanme Glitch. She liked to bite people but, more effectively, would often use magic. We then had a cat man nicknamed Grizwald and lastly another Lalafel, this one was nicknamed Lucky."

"They were tasked with a simple task. They had to head out into the Shroud to locate two Miqo'te bandits. We don't know their full name but they went by Verkon and Marlow. They were two plate wearing bandits that often raided chocobo porters for their gil. It was an easy enough task for us, so I thought. I followed along to watch and see how they'd do in combat. It took awhile to track the location of the two but we eventually did. We decided to send Lucky up to confront them, while the others would hide in the shadows."

"The little Lalafel however...was an odd one. He'd always wear this little purple hat. He gave it a name even, called it hatty. He claimed this hat gave him magical powers, which is why he can cast some minor magic spells. So, he walks up to them...and they just straight up take his hat. They leave the little lalafel's head naked, with his grey hair showing! So...he panics and starts to SCREAM at them!"

"The others hear this of course. No one moves though, they don't want to give away their cover just yet! Well, everyone but Grizwald. He was...a very strange Miqo'te. He slowly crawls out of the bush...not walks..but crawls over to the two and next to Lucky. He then jumps and starts to shout at them also!"

"Marlow and Verkon just kind of look at each other and then down at the two. They've never seen this type of thing before, so, they aren't quite sure if they should just stab or rob them. They turn their backs to the two who are screaming and begin to discuss this amongst themselves, it's not like they can get away. If they stop screaming they'll hear it!"

"Well...The other Lalafel, Glitch, uses this chance to RUN out from her bush. She leaps onto Grizwald's head and then onto Verkon's. She snatches the hat, jumps off, and puts it back on Lucky. The two bandits are quite confused with this and confront the trio. Lucky, however, runs off into a bush and starts to cry while he begins talking with his hat. And so, they now stare at the two remaining."

"Gatheron, being the only professional one, has enough of these antics. He draws his bow, while remaining hidden, and fires. It hits Verkon right on the arm. He then fires again and the two bandits start to panic. They draw their weapons and leap at Grizwald. Grizwald panics and starts screaming, "GRIZWALD! NOT GRIZWALD!" as he gets stabbed and beaten!"

"Glitch starts to use her magic though and Gath continues to fire away. All the while, I'm just kind of..watching.. and questioning the reasoning I had for hiring them."

"It didn't take long, the two were really big pushovers. They were slain and their corpses left in a bush...that bush is now known as Verkon's bush. Also, Grizwald suffered immense injuries. He can now only say one word...Which is "GRIZWALD". He is also very shy now and may be seen lurking around the corners of the Company. He may jump out, say "GRIZWALD", and run away. It's very strange. But, that is the story!"



Following the story, Vandil was encouraged to tell a tale!

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