Combat Fields One-Year Anniversary Tournament

May 11, 2019


 Written By Sunan


On the Tenth Sun of the Third Astral Moon this year, the organizers of the Combat Fields held their one-year anniversary tournament. I was in attendance, alongside several others from my free company, including our boss. I was one of fifty entrants, losing in the second round. This tournament was both an opportunity to visit old friends and an opportunity to make new ones, and on that front, the night was a success. I suppose that twenty-fifth place out of fifty entrants isn't half bad, either.

The first round consisted of twenty-five bouts, each taking place concurrently on different parts of a small island in Eastern La Noscea. Both my own bouts took place in the wide-open sandy beach on the far side of the cabana. Fifty contestants lined up as we were welcomed to the event, given a rundown of the rules, and asked to introduce ourselves. We were assigned our opponents in between rounds. The organization of the contest was highly decentralized, with the contenders largely managing their own bouts while the referees watched from afar. I defeated a woman named Misha to advance, but was defeated in the second round by a different woman named Khoma, who agreed to keep in touch with me.

The semifinals were the part where it all started to come together: Kanah Relenah and Unlucky Coincidence both lost their matches to Xavior Vermiculo and Efix Sirins respectively, leading to the third-place match. This was a fight between two amazing pugilists, one single-mindedly focused on victory and the other putting on a great show all throughout the night with his technique. In the end, Relenah was the victor, earning third place. Congratulations to her! In the final match, Xavior Vermiculo challenged Efix Sirins. The size difference between the two swordsmen was staggering, a Lalafell and a Roegadyn. In the end, it had been Goliath who won the fight. Congratulations to the two of them, Vermiculo for second place and Sirins for first!

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