Social Night 5/4/19

May 5, 2019

 Social night is here once again! For this meet up, we decided to have it in the basement of the Ember Base! We met one of the newer members of the Free Company today, Old Bison, a carpenter, shipwright, and blacksmith!

After some socializing, the first game started - Truth or dare!



an Kiwi had to pretend to be a Namazu! "walks back in with a rather life-like looking namazu mask covering over her entire head. As she walked into the room, she threw herself onto the floor and attempted to flop around like a fish on land." - Kiwi. Aliss asked Kiwi why she has a Namazu mask. Kiwi said, ""Well, I never have truly met a Namazu before but Dom has told me much about them from the far east. I think it a bit silly, but it would seem he finds them fascinating to some extent. As for the rest of it?" *She looked at the mask and chuckled.* "None for me to say to you.""

The game continued!

Bison did some dancing and some fashion advice was given! Nothing would match the Namazu impression though! 


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