The Arena - The Big Pink Cat

April 30, 2019


We put one big pink cat in a crater with three other non-pink cats. 

The result? A bloody arena match!

S'aroris faces off against Zhira, Alisha, and Fafala!


S'aroris would get beat around a bit, but the special... 'enhancements' he was given allowed him to endure as if the beatings were nothing.


Fafala would be the first of the three to fall! She'd drop down and play dead after getting kicked in the face.

Alisha would be quick to follow, taking an arrow to the knee and another to the leg, she'd quickly drop down in pain and injury. 


S'aroris would be on a streak, turning his enraged eyes upon Zhira, landing a critical hit upon him by smacking his face with the bow.


One versus one now...


It wouldn't last long, S'aroris overpowers Zhira to take victory!

The Pink Cat Has Won!



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