The Quest For Candy Storyline

April 25, 2019

The Quest For Candy

Chapter 1


Looking for candy in hopes of cheering up the Embers, Sophia requested help when her search took a peculiar twist. Kiwi, Oz, Fafala, and Seleos responded to the call.


A local trader, Ognar, had sprung a sweet deal with a mysterious trader for some discount candy. However, the trader stopped arriving, and a candy trail lead back to the local moogles of Thornmarch. Bloated on candy, they wobbled helplessly on the ground as a swarm of living gumdrops arrived, demanding to be eaten! In a strange battle, the candies were dispatched, though Fafala was forced to bite off more than she could chew.


One of the moogles, Kupoku Pokupo, explained that a 'demoness' had come through looking for sweets, and Kupoku told her a tall tale of a (fictional) candy cavern. In turn, this woman told him a story of a magical, candy spewing beast summoned using rock candy and a prayer of "Yatta pin! Yatta pin!". Curious, the moogles performed the ritual, and the creature appeared, spitting out some candy and wandering into the woods. Ever since, living candies had arrived at their village regularly, but they became more and more demanding on being eaten. Desperate to get rid of all the excess candy, the moogles traded vast quantities of it to Ognar in exchange for kupo nuts.


Taking up the sacred task of slaying this psuedo-primal, the Embers faced down a nine foot tall beast made of paper mache- the Yatta Pinata! After some strange candy themed attacks and an oil fire, the Yatta Pinata burst to reveal Absinthe Sokeri inside.


The aforementioned 'demoness', Abby had simply told a silly story to the moogles which they had somehow believed so strongly as to will it into existence. Ending the threat and recovering a companion, they headed back to base.

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