Kiwi's Bedtime Story

April 26, 2019

When its day, the sun is out. Bright and happy it is, with all the children about. 

But what about night? When the moon and stars are all shining down on us? Is it happy as well? "No!" say many parents, "For that is when 'they' come out!"

Of course, true it is, that 'they' do come out at night. For the sun is mean and cruel to those that live in the night.

Fearful of the light.

But, are they to be feared? I mean, couldn't it be true that they are just like us? Just cursed to live in the darkness? They come out wearing pale skin, dark hair and mighty sharp fangs!

And that they do, for 'they' come out in and never fall threw. Roaming the nights, in empty streets about. Happy are they, for the land becomes much fun to play!

One night, you hear a knock on your door. *knock knock* Only twice it was heard, but loud and clear like a bell!

Jumping out of bed, you run downstairs with such a happy grin on your face! The little child quickly opened the door, seeing nothing but an empty void instead.

Turn around and THERE! It was him standing behind! Oh, how sneaky 'they' can be, to move in such a motion that no one can even see it well!

With such a delighted glee, you take his hands and show him a spree! He floats and glides all around the inside of your house, cheering and smiling as quiet as a mouse.

Oh but the poor man had felt a rumble in his tummy. So away to the kitchen you go! Let us hope we can find him some wonderful snacks!

 A peanut butter and jelly? No, shook his head. How about some celery and carrots with ranch to dip? No, shook his hands. Hmm. Perhaps some garlic soup would..... SLAP! He took his hand and smacked the bowl away in a hiss. "Oh no! I am so sorry! Please, do not get mad!"

He sighed, pulling back his head to laugh. He moved closer, closer.... A charming smile spread across his lips. He whispered into your ear, "No, none of that will do. But, I how about some of your blood? A drop, or two?"

"My blood? Is that true! Ohmygoodness, dont I need that too?"

 "Oh, but of course! But comon now, I only need a few sips! I promise it wont hurt you!"


He' had all said, in such a calming voice. You would like to think it through, but how can you say no? I mean, he did say it was just a little bit of blood, whats the worse it can do?

"Okay, take some of mine then. But not too much!"

Oh what a delighted sound that could be heard, for 'he' moved his mouth onto your neck, breathing in deep, you felt a pinch.

Everything goes dark, as if you fell in bed.

But soon you awaken, to night time instead


You open your eyes as clear as you can, seeing to what and where you have been. You look down at your skin, pale white as it never had been. Poking your teeth, you noticed a sharp grin. Can it be? Have you become, one of them?



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