Boondoggle Pub Review

April 17, 2019

 Written by Alisst'a Gulfor

Edited by Foxa Sulti


A loud and hearty greeting was afforded to us as we entered into the Boondoggle's grand reopening. The atmosphere was amazing, with a peppy tune playing on the orchestrion and an inviting bar table. Everyone in the small tavern was clearly enjoying themselves, including the upbeat staff, specifically Corsa.~ Never have I seen a bartender speak with his costumers in such a genuine manner, and that is including myself. Naya and I had a great drink, Foxa and Seirun chatted about a Roe and bidding, and Tanine was let down by the lack of stabbing. All in all, in my heart this was a successful reopening event, and I personally will be coming back to this bar at some point.



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