Sparring 4/15/19

April 16, 2019


Today we hosted the sparring outside on the beach for a change of scenery! 


The U'jax starts off the night sparring against S'aroris Tia!

U'jax would get all of the damage in earlier as he'd slap and smack S'aroris around quite easily but S'aroris would grow tired of being pushed around and quickly strikes back, knocking Jax into the sand and getting the win.


Next up Fafala fights Zehlt! A little Lalafel up against the big guy!

Fafala would show her strength, despite being a little Lalafel, as she'd knock Zehlt down to a knee a few times. In the end, it wouldn't be enough as Zehlt knocks the poor little Lalafel down and claims victory.


Mari faces Shar for the third match of the night!

A rematch, with the crazy Lalafel fighting Sergeant Scales!

Shar would end up getting the victory as Mari taps out.



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