Dueling Tournament 3/25/19

March 26, 2019


Today is the Dueling Tournament!

One vs One dueling with dulled weapons and weak magic! To win, simply knock the enemy off of the wooden platform!


Arty and U'jax went first with what was the quickest fight of the night, U'jax knocked Arty off within minutes, advancing to the next round.


The second match would see two friends fight, Astrid vs Cam Cam. This one lasted much longer, Cam would end up knocking Astrid off of the stage, winning the round.


S'aroris fights R'naya for the next round! The two would throw some punches, no weapons were used during this fight. S'aroris would finally show his strength though as he'd knock the wind out of R'naya, sending her off of the platform for the victory.


Three fighters would be left!

Cammy, U'jax and S'aroris!


U'jax and Cam face off next! Cammy would show some of her darkside but not much of it, the fight would involve a lot of punches, kicks, and scratches! In the end, Cammy would win. 


The final match of the night, Camila Farrar vs S'aroris Tia!

S'aroris would show off his hidden talent, knocking Cam out and off of the stage!





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