Sparring 3/18/19

March 19, 2019



The night started with Rassle Dassle Rasmus fighting Arty Haragin! 

Rasmus would end up knocking Arty down to a knee, which would start up the next sparr! Rasmus did suffer a broken nose though, so Arty did some damage back!

Brave versus Fayie Fay would be the next fight! 

Brave knocks Fayie to the ground and slams her into it a few times, crushing her skull perhaps, before claiming victory..

Tezzora faces Aniryel Caelun for the third fight of the night!

Tezzora finished Anir off, knocking her down to the ground!

Meanwhile, Kiwita would be doing medic duties with Domiki watching over her with love struck eyes! 

A few more sparrs would take place throughout the night!

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