Oz's Report - Nightshade

March 18, 2019

 Written by Oz Foster

Edited by Foxa Sulti


An event for the weekend! The Nightshade Free company sent out an invitation to participate in a tournament for over 5 million Gil as the grand prize! Oz and Fafala both went to compete, and others went to cheer them on. Both Oz and Fafala tried their hardest, but the other event goers we're excellent Triple Triad players, and while neither won the grand prize, it was still super fun to experience! The bar was a nice touch for RP not involving playing, and they had small give-aways for minis! I ended up winning two of them, including a Nana Bear and a mogstation Wind-Up Tifa, and Kiwi got one of the Gold Whisker Namazu mini! It was super fun, even if you didn't come to participate in the tournament, and I'd easily recommend anyone come to the next one that Nightshade hosts!


The event was actually super fun, and I personally had a ton of fun since I love Triple Triad. The players had a wide range of skill levels, and that was by no means a bad thing. We the players helped each other out with rulesets, cards and if folks needed a second, and if we didn't, the organizers were wonderful and graciously assisted with any questions we might've had. My personal take here is that even the design of the event space itself was a pleasure to look at. The exterior was excellently designed and the interior was just as open and practical, while still being wonderfully made.

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